wrmb 516: the ramones ‘Live at the roxy 1976’ + ‘At Your Birthday Party’

Ramones 516 XL

Source: The Roxy, L.A. – 12 August 1976. The show was recorded for a radio broadcast and probably derives from a copy taped off the air. The whole concert has been officially released on the 2001 expanded CD version of Leave Home

Side 1: Loud Mouth/ Beat On The Brat/ Blitzkrieg Bop/ I Remember You/ Glad To See You Go/ Chainsaw/ 53rd And 3rd
Side 2: I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend/ Havanna Affair/ Listen To My Feet/ Hang Ten/ Judy Is A Punk/ I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You/ Let’s Dance

Review from Allmusic.com:

“When this bootleg LP was recorded live at the Roxy Theater — a nightclub on West Hollywood’s famous Sunset Strip — on August 12, 1976, the Ramones weren’t ready to headline the Hollywood Palladium and were still concentrating on small clubs. But the Queens residents did have one self-titled album out on Sire and had acquired a following that was small but extremely enthusiastic — even then, they were regarded as one of New York’s most important punk bands. The sound quality on this vinyl LP isn’t fantastic, but it’s decent, and the album definitely captures the freshness and sense of reckless fun that characterized the Ramones in 1976. When the Ramones tear into “Beat on the Brat,” “Blitzkrieg Bop,” “53rd and 3rd,” “Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue” and other irreverent classics, you’re reminded just how vital and exciting early punk could be. A few years after Live at the Roxy 1976 came out, the contents of this LP became half of the two-LP bootleg At Your Birthday Party.”


Ramones Roxy 034 2

Ramones Roxy 034 disc 2

The extremely rare later re-pressing by K&S, with the usual “most lost in shipment” fate.


Disc one of the double album At Your Birthday Party on Vicki Vinyl’s Dragonfly Records included a re-issue of WRMB 516:

Ramones AYBDP

Ramones AYBDP 2

Later re-pressed with Ruthless Rhymes labels.


And that was all of the Wizardo series (with the exception of Pete Townshend’s Classified – wrmb 368, which will be added later when we get to the TMoQ series).

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