wrmb 510: the runaways live in concert + ‘THE ORIGINALS’

Runaways 510 2

Source: Just as the cover says

Side 1: Cherry Bomb/ Take It Or Leave It/ Secrets/ You Drive Me Wild/ Don’t Abuse Me
Side 2: Is It Day Or Night?/ C’mon Everybody/ Johnny Guitar/ Wild Thing

Quality: “Exs” Someone claimed that this was taken from a radio broadcast, I hear an audience recording, it’s just a better than an average one.


This and the death records 525 release No Olds Allowed which I had previously listed here, were later re-pressed and combined as a double album on Ruthless Rhymes Records ca. 1978:

Runaways The Originals blu

Runaways The Originals stamp

Runaways The Originals disc 1

Runaways The Originals disc 2

The multicolored pressings exist in many different shades, colors and unique patterns

Runaways Originals

pressed on simple yellow and green PVC:

Runaways Originals yel gree

and on plain black PVC:

Runaways Originals bl





  1. Yesdays said:

    On “The Originals” 2LP release on multi-colored vinyl with Ruthless Rhymes labels, it’s my understanding there was some kind of screw-up on the pressings, or a mis-handling of packaging the LPs, as some had 2 LPs of WRMB 525 (“No Olds Allowed” Santa Monica Civic 4-1-77). My copy is the yellow colored insert with “Collector’s Edition Colored Vinyl” stamp on the insert, and gold-based multi-colored splash vinyl, and is indeed 2 copies of WRMB 525.

  2. Henrik said:

    I have the Originals dobbelt bootleg in yellow and green vinyl bought in Copenhagen Denmark around 78-79. Theres no indication as to who put them out.

    • Allen said:

      I too have the yellow/green version with plain labels. I have wondered if this isn’t a Wizardo product that came before the Ruthless Rhymes copies.

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