WRMB 500: Paul McCartney: ‘Live In Hanover Germany, 1972’ + ‘Oriental Nightfish’ :HAR 169 side 2

In the words of a 35+ year long bootleg collector: “These Wizardo sets are at the end of the wrmb catalogue, and John pressed no more than 200 copies each; then he pressed the ‘BOSS’ series and finally the ‘DEATH’ and ‘IMPORTANT’ (personal copies of the ‘K&S’) series.” Maybe it really was only 200 or 500 – as a current eBay seller of WRMB 501 claims – the total number is still incredibly low, they often included unique material and they were never copied by another label or did not seem to have gone through several re-pressings. The hardest one to find, according to my research, is WRMB 504: The Beach Boys Anaheim ’76.

Wings Hanover 1972 500

Wings wrmb 500

The first Wizardo bootleg with a quality warning on the insert.

Source: Germany, Offenbach Stadthalle – 19 July 1972. 

With perhaps the exception of Paul and his band and Pink Floyd, who played there in February of 1971, the Offenbach Stadthalle was and is the must play venue for everyone who is anyone on the B list (and below) in the Rhein-Main area of Germany ‘(B list’ is not a judgement on the music but 2,500 tickets are much easier to sell than 12,000 or more). I saw Thin Lizzy here in March of 1981 from the safety of the raised seats in the back.

Set list:

Bip Bop+
Smile Away+
Give Ireland Back To The Irish+
    I Would Only Smile
    Blue Moon Of Kentucky
The Mess+

Best Friend
I Am Your Singer
Henry’s Blue (titled by Linda as “Take me on home Momma, cause I’m runnin’ home tonight”)
Say You Don’t Mind
Seaside Woman
Wild Life
My Love
Mary Had A Little Lamb+
Maybe I’m Amazed
Hi Hi Hi
Long Tall Sally


Not wanting to make this a double LP John gave five additional songs (marked ‘+’ above) to his friend Lou Cohan, head of Hoffman Avenue Records, and credit was duly given on the back of the 2 LP set.

McCartney & Wings Oriental Nightfish 2

A good audience tape exists among collectors but is missing ‘Mumbo’, ‘My Love’, ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’, ‘Hi Hi Hi’ and ‘Long Tall Sally’. It looks like there is only one source tape as Wizardo did/could not use any of these tracks either.


An English language review of the show can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/lvtbra7


It turns out while in other cities poor ticket sales led to cancellations (Lyons in France, Breda in the Netherlands) in Offenbach they had to turn people away.

Wings Offenbach 72 ticket

Wings 1972 Tour Program

Page from the official tour program sold at the Europe 1972 concerts.

Wings Offenbach 72

Photo taken at the Offenbach gig.


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