WRMB 358: The Beatles ‘RENAISSANCE MINSTRELS volume II’ – Why Do People Still Buy Vinyl Bootlegs?

Beatles Renaissance Minstrels volume II mcv

Beatles Renaissance Minstrels II blablu

After having already posted all the Wizardo Renaissance Minstrels in the KO series, I decided to add this one as well and not wait until later. The blue & black edition with the red ‘Rare Old Stuff’ label seems to be one of the rarer Wizardo titles. Seven bidders drove the final sale price for a copy rated overall as “Excellent” up to $400 in January of 2013 [Matrix # side 1: MID 2022-1  A18559; side 2: MID 2022-2 A18559-X].


Now, this raises an interesting question: How many collectors are there in 2013 that would spend this kind of substantial money on a vinyl bootleg from the 1970s? How many own a complete collection of all Wizardo bootlegs? And taking it a step further: How many not only own every single title but every single label, insert and vinyl color variation, resulting in perhaps six or more variations of the same title?

[Another question is, which are the real valuable titles and for that, popsike is probably the main source. I am doing my best to list unusually high sale prices in this blog as I find them.]

10 Reasons for buying vinyl bootlegs

I would like to take this amateur analysis a little bit further and look at the reasons why people buy these:

– To add or complete a collection or archive (probably one of the main reasons)    

– For the actual content (I would say that this category saw a big drop since the 1970s) / for a (needle drop) project 

– To own a title coveted for a long time / for sentimental reasons

– For the artwork (there are a few I like just for that reason but in the end I tell myself that I would not frame them and put them up on my wall and I pass)

– Because one collects everything by a certain artist, regardless of what it is

– The price was right and/or you did not expect to find it in such a condition

– Rekindled interest / because you read about/saw it

– To wait for value appreciation / as an investment (quite risky due to the unpredictable market)

– To do an A/B comparison of the material with another vinyl boot (a specialty of a Japan bootleg blog I like very much; unfortunately almost everything gets lost in translation. I would like to offer that myself on this blog, if only the cost was reasonable)

– You need this title for some other reason

So, looking at my last bootleg purchase – the David Bowie Wizardo EP – why did I buy it:

– The price was right and I did not expect to find it in such a condition                                                           – Rekindled interest / because I read about it                                                                                                      – Needed the title to scan the label and add it to the blog                                                                                 – For the actual content / for a (needle drop) project

What are your reasons for still buying vinyl bootlegs? Leave a comment, please.


Now back to Renaissance Minstrels volume II

Beatles Renaissance Minstrels II number

with number above and without below:

Beatles Renaissance Minstrels II no #

The LP pictured above came on black wax and with dog & cat labels.

Regarding the content, this is simply a mono copy of the first Beatles bootleg Ken & Dub ever did: Homogenized Beatles  :

Beatles Homogenized B

with one side taken from Kum Back and the other comprised of pirated 45 (and one LP track):

Side 1:
– Across The Universe (copied from WWF LP “Across The Universe”)
– The Inner Light
– Let It Be
– Don’t Let Me Down
– Get Back
– I’m Down
– Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)

Side 2:
– The Walk
– Teddy Boy
– Two Of Us
– I’ve Got A Feeling
– The Long And Winding Road
– For You Blue
– Dig A Pony

  1. J said:

    great post….hopefully everyone who knows a little about it join in…..maybe it’s a tip to give your link of this fab site to collectors reviews site..to reach more people

  2. YesDays said:

    Why do I buy? 1. Nostalgia, 2. to listen to it, and 3. just to have it because collecting them is my hobby.

  3. Mick said:

    Couldn’t afford them when I was a teenager and these were all the rage, also nostalgia and the fact that some of them are so good and capture great shows! I do also play these old boots,!

    • Thank you, Mick. Another great topic: Those who play them and those who do not. I do admit, I find many of the early and badly pressed/recorded ones too disappointing and would tend to go for the best sounding version of a recording. At the same time, I am especially interested in vinyl sources that have never been surpassed in the digital realm.

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