fake WRMB 387: ROLLING STONES ‘2ND INCARNATION’ / SAN DIEGO ’69 – Stoneaged’ :TMoQ 71078 + ‘Midnight Ramblers’ :Phoenix Records 44785

Rolling Stones 2nd Incarnation Source: San Diego Sports Arena, 10 November 1969 – Ken’s fake Wizardo copy is dated ca. 1977 Side 1:  intro by Sam Cutler – Carol/ Sympathy for the Devil/ Prodigal Son/ You Gotta Move/ Under My Thumb Side 2:  Live with Me/ Little Queenie/ Satisfaction/ Honky Tonk Women/ Street Fighting Man Quality rating: VG-EX mono, recorded on the same equipment used for Liver… and Blueberry Hill. Complete concert set list: 01. intro [00:40] 01. Jumping Jack Flash [03:30] 02. Carol [03:49] 03. Sympathy For The Devil [05:43] 04. Stray Cat Blues [04:26] 05. Prodigal Son [03:57] 06. You Gotta Move [03:16] 07. Love In Vain [05:23] 08. I’m Free [05:48] 09. Under My Thumb [02:56] 10. Midnight Rambler [06:39] 11. Live With Me [03:02] 12. LittleQueenie [04:11] 13. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction [06:05] 14. Street Fighting Man [04:06] 15. Honky Tonk Women [04:30]

*** A copy of Dub’s SAN DIEGO ’69 / Stoneaged , which, if things had worked out slightly differently could have been the recording that became famous as THE archetypical live bootleg. Rolling Stones San Diego '69 green Released in 1973. Some collectors say that the CD releases containing the complete version of the concert come from a tape that is several generations away from the master pressed on the original LP, while Swingin’Pig claims “20 bit digital mastering from the original analog tapes”. *** Ken re-used his copied master also for disc 1 of the following double album:

Rolling Stones Midnight Ramblers Rolling Stones Midnight Ramblers b

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