WRMB 380/Wonderland 49000: PAUL McCARTNEY AND WINGS ‘FLY SOUTH’ + ‘Rock Show ’75’ :Marc Records ‘

This is post # 500 today. Good to see that I made it this far and kept at it, even when preparing a post can sometimes feel like a part-time job to the full time one I already have and I’d rather be lazy… so far the love for the music and the anticipation of what the next post will introduce me to has kept me going. Thanks for reading!

Oh, and by the way I’m open for guest submissions. If there is something you feel you can contribute, do let me know.


Wings Fly South Wdrlnd

Wings Fly South Wdrlnd b

Wings Fly South Wdrlnd lbl

Side 1:    Venus And Mars/ Rock Show/ Jet/ Let Me Roll It/ Maybe I’m Amazed/ I’ve Just Seen A Face     
Side 2:    Blackbird/ Waltzing Matilda – Yesterday/ Listen To What The Man Said/ Call Me Back Again/ Letting Go/ Batman Theme     

Source: Melbourne Myer Music Bowl, first show on Thursday, 13 November 1975    Professionally filmed and recorded on 16-track tape. The show was also broadcast on Australian radio. “This broadcast serves as the source of the first disc of the 2LP set Fly South , in an edited form to remove the announcer’s comments (i.e. the introduction to ‘Venus And Mars’).

The second broadcast is of Japanese origin (station JO2R) and served as the source of the scarce Japanese bootleg  Rock Show ’75 [images a little further down]. Although it utilized the same mix, it was subjected to some unusual post-production and contains two additional tracks, ‘Band On The Run’ and ‘Hi Hi Hi’, as well as some segments which were edited out of the Australian broadcast (i.e. the introduction of ‘Venus and Mars’). However, it does lack the brief bit of guitar noodling (aka “Batman”) that prefaces ‘Band On The Run’ (which is found on Fly South). The post-production could best be termed “audience reaction” and was dubbed onto the soundtrack to mask edits in the tape and at points in the performance deemed appropriate by the producer. This LP served as the source for the Melbourne material on the three-discset Wings [WRMB 505]. Presumably this material was broadcast in Japan in hopes of taking the sting out of the recently cancelled performances at the Budokan.   [Eight ArmsTo Hold You, Madinger/Easter, p. 212]
Side 3:   The Long And Winding Road/ Yesterday/ Band On The Run/ Hi Hi Hi                                    Side 4:   My Love/ Blackbird/ “Paul Talks After The Concert”/ Letting Go/ “Paul Talks About Beatles Break Up And Possible Reunion”

Source: Perth, Entertainment Center – Saturday, 1 November 1974 (opening night of what was supposed to be Wings’ Australasia Tour) “Highlights of the Perth concert (7 songs) and contemporary interview bites first appeared on disc two of the 2LP set Fly South taken from a radio broadcast (“Concert Replay”) on Melbourne’s 3XY. The broadcast used a very good audience recording for ‘The Long And Winding Road’ and ‘My Love’, while ‘Yesterday’, ‘Band On The Run’, ‘Hi Hi Hi’, ‘Blackbird’ and ‘Letting Go’ all come from an inline source. [Eight ArmsTo Hold You, Madinger/Easter, p. 211]

As the b&w cover design already indicates, it was Berkely Records, who had borrowed the classic pig logo and produced this content-wise very attractive set (for the period and the few chances fans had of acquiring non-official concert recordings) in early 1976. John Wizardo must have come across a copy not long after and seeing the short run times for disc two decided to release it as a single album, while keeping the title. “The single disc version of Fly South omits ‘Ýesterday’, ‘Blackbird’ and ‘Letting Go’, according to Madinger/Easter in EATHY.

Wings Fly South mcv

Wings Fly South mcv lbl

I believe this is the last colored pressing Wizardo ever did.

Wings Fly South Old Glory


Wings Rock Show '75 Jp

Wings Rock Show '75 Jp 2

Wings Rock Show '75 Jp b

Wings Rock Show '75 Jp lbl


Wings Budokan 75 ad

Sadly, the only letting go anyone had to do was by the ticket holders of actually seeing the shows happen.

1975: Oops. maybe next time. … 1980: Ok, maybe next time for sure!

Wings Perth venue

Perth, Entertainment Center

Wings melbourne 75 2

We’ll call it the “drenched Kimono” tapes. The full Melbourne show can easily be found on Youtube, along with material covering Wings’ stop in Perth.

  1. john said:


  2. john said:


  3. Yesdays said:

    I agree, but who knows how to contact John Wizardo?

    • Exactly, if anyone knows their contact info do pass it on. So far the only people connected to the business I have heard from are William Stout (who answered within hours) and the person who was responsible for the Cream of the Crop label (who knows “Mr. CBM” – I asked to pass on the blog address and if they’d be willing to answer a few questions). Thank you for your kind words! Will I get to 1000? A very good question.

  4. Yesdays said:

    Most importantly, congratulations on 500, and I have enjoyed the website immensely. Thank you!

  5. Congratulations on 500 posts! I’m really enjoying reading.

    I first found your the site a few months ago when I returned home with a $3 yard sale copy of the Stones’ ‘If You Can’t Rock Me’ on Flat Records… stone MINT. Finding your post about it was essential to my new-record nerdout that day.

    I have a small collection of vintage boots –some you’ve already covered like the Rubber Dubber pressing of Neil Young’s ‘I’m Happy That You All Came Down’ and the Har-Kub pressing of Bob Dylan’s ‘Stealin’.’ (Two classics!) But I have a few others and I’d be happy to send you some pics and what I know about them –which probably isn’t much –if you’re interested.

  6. Terry said:

    I’ve found this site to be invaluable when it comes to collecting and identifying bootlegs. Since you’re open to guest posts, I have 2 odd items that may or may not be 400 series Wizardo discs: a copy of the Beatles’ As Sweet as You Are and a Paul McCartney pirate of non-LP singles called Hot Hits and Cold Cuts (Renaissance Minstrels 4). Both bootlegs have no identifiable label named on the cover, only the numbers KO-405 for Hot Hits and Cold Cuts (the record has blank white labels) and KO-408 for As Sweet as You Are (the record has Old Glory Records labels). I’d be glad to send scans of the covers. I trust that you received the Reimondo Records label scans I sent you previously from my copy of Ticketron by Jethro Tull.

    • Hi Terry, the items in the Wizardo pirate series 400 will follow shortly. I did receive and save the scans of the Jethro Tull LP, thank you. The name was clearly given/made up by a buyer. I may do a post on “owner improvement jobs” of bootleg covers and labels down the road but for now I will stick to variations caused by the producers.

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