Bowie74Live EP

Source: Los Angeles Amphitheater – ? September 1974

Side 1:  All the Young Dudes / Cracked Actor                                                                                               Side 2:  It’s Gonna Be Me [mis-titled on cover, bootleggers can, of course, not be expected to know the correct names of album tracks by the artists they are bootlegging]

Quality rating: “Vgs”

First ever Bowie 7″ bootleg. It seems that Bowie only added “It’s Gonna Be Me” to the set list from the LA dates onwards and this is also the first time this track from the Young Americans album became available as a live recording. Exists with at least 3 different kinds of labels (and two different covers): Wizardo, Cat & Dog and white blank with a stamped title.


Bowie Wiz EP red lbl

Although the picture sleeve shown above is the one supposed to be found with the second issue Cat & Dog labels, it was also used for the white ones shown here:

Bowie 74 Live white lbl


In 1980, someone copied the Wizardo EP but with worse audio quality due to added background crackles.

Bowie 1974 RE


Bowie LA 74 program

  1. Yesdays said:

    When this EP originally came out, I thought it was the first ever “Wizardo” release. Anybody suspect or know differently?

    • Because of the 200 # designation? I wonder if that had something to do with the format. I still suspect that the two Pink Floyd Hamburg ’71 titles came first.

      • Yesdays said:

        Thanks. No. There was an LA area record dealer I dealt with a lot in the 80’s and 90’s who knew many of the 70’s bootleggers from that era who I thought told me that. But I’ve looked through letters and can’t find it. He also said some bootleggers started with a 7-inch release and then graduated to LPs. I’m probably mis-remembering. My Bowie 74 copy has red “Wizardo Re-Issue Series” “Rare Old Stuff” labels.

  2. Thank you for your reply, and coincidentally, I just posted that exact label design for my copy of the “Laser Beams” LP. I wish we had information when what type of label was used (or re-used). Is this a first/second/? issue label for my LP? Does it mean # 382 and the Bowie EP were produced around the same time?

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