WRMB 375: The Stones – one of the funniest bootleg covers

rolling stones the stones 2

A nice parody of Ken’s SODD/TAKRKL/ZAP labels and their output, especially Dylan, see the “discography” below. The text says:


“Ya know, I’d never hire anyone to work for me unless they had three years of college,” the Beard said while keeping his arse tight round his ahnk. What I answered, finding it hard to believe that the word “college” existed in the Beard’s vocabulary. “I’ll tell you something else,”the Beard continued. “My records are better than yours.” “Fuck Off” I said, then out loud I said “Oh really?” “Yeah, they look so much better. My covers are great and oh so very clever.”    “I don’t know…” I replied. Just then our conversation stopped; you see I had to take Linda surfin.


052  Bob Dylan “Another Rolling Thunder Album”053  Bob Dylan “Yet Another RT Review Album”
054  Bob Dylan “Almost the Very Last Rolling Thunder Album”                                                                055  Bob Dylan “The Last Rolling Thunder Album (unless I get a real good stereo tape)                 056  Bob Dylan  “I Got One”                                                                                                                             057  Bob Dylan  “Another One”


It’s at this stage that one is reminded that Wizardo never issued a single Dylan title.

Rolling Stones The Stones disc

Rolling Stones TS disc 2

Source: 16 September 1970 – Berlin Deutschlandhalle

Side 1:  Jumping Jack Flash/ Roll Over Beethoven/ Sympathy For The Devil/ Stray Cat Blues/ Prodigal Son         
Side 2:   Live With Me/ Let It Rock/ Little Queenie/ Honky Tonk Woman/ Street Fighting Man/ Memo From Turner (studio, Mick Jagger from movie Performance)       

Quality rating: “Fair mono”

RS Berlin 1970 ticket

Since then the complete show has appeared and in better quality (VG):

1. Jumping Jack Flash [03:26]
2. Roll Over Beethoven [02:27]
3. Sympathy For The Devil [06:32]
4. Stray Cat Blues [03:59]
5. Love In Vain [05:06]
6. Prodigal Son [03:22]
7. You Gotta Move [02:05]
8. Dead Flowers [04:02]
9. Live With Me [03:26]
10. Midnight Rambler [10:28]
11. Let It Rock [02:40]
12. Little Queenie [03:18]
13. Brown Sugar [03:59]
14. Honky Tonk Women [04:17]
15. Street Fighting Man [03:35]

The recording exists in different versions these days. here are the notes from a relatively recent remastering project:

“I actually bought this ‘For Fans Only’ release on the strength of the review posted on ‘HotWacks’, which said it was the best release of this show so far (& in stereo of course). Prior to this, I think the best version was definitely on disc 1 of VGP-261 (also called ‘Roll Over Beethoven’ just to confuse matters :-)). Listening to both ‘back-to-back’ the difference isn’t initially all that noticable & the VGP release seems to have more bass. But, the ‘FFO’ release IS in stereo & it becomes much more noticable on tracks like ‘Love In Vain’, where the seperation is great.
To cut a long story short, I think VGP probably released this tape in mono to get rid of hiss (there is a little on the new release, but not much), whereas the ‘FFO’ release probably just released a low generation tape ‘as is’. It IS very good though.”


Five years after their first show in the divided city ended in total chaos and venue destruction at Berlin’s version of the “Hollywood Bowl”, the outdoor Waldbuehne, the prodigal sons return.

RS Berlin65 stage invasion

Stage invasion at the Waldbuehne in ’65. Brian soldiers on  while Mick in checkered pants on the left is persuaded to stop the show and leave the stage.

RS 1970 Paris

The band on stage during their 1970 Europe tour. This fantastic shot is from one of the Paris shows, about a week later.


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