WRMB 365: ZAPPA / BEEFHEART ‘Confidential’ aka “Metal Man Has Hornet’s Wings”

Zappa Beefh Confidential disc

Source: A radio program Frank had put together by going through his archive and digging up early collaborations with the Captain.  In the LA market, the program aired on KWST-FM on 1 October 1975, the day before the album it was intended to promote was released: The live Bongo Fury LP.

From an eBay/discogs seller ad: “Released in very ltd numbers in 1976 on beautiful red splatter vinyl. Original ‘Wizardo’ Pressings were normally pressed in very Ltd No.s. (ie.100/200 – 100 on ‘Splatter Vinyl’ and 200 pressed normal.)”

Can anyone confirm these low numbers? I would think that the numbers changed depending on the status of the artist (cult vs. breaking vs. established)?

“The bootleggers have added a few tracks (the ones that seem out of place). Some of the
tracks (as indicated) have flutter-issues (slow pitch-variations).”

Track list:

A1  Metal Man Has Hornet’s Wings  – The Soots, Lead Guitar – Frank Zappa, Lead Vocals – Captain Beefheart

A2  Original Black Napkins  Lead Guitar – Frank Zappa

A3  Instrumental / The Story Of Electricity   Narrator, Performer – Frank Zappa Narrator, Vocals – Captain Beefheart – Zappa and Beefheart talking about a record company’s reaction to a demo tape, while two songs are playing in the background: “Power Trio from the Saints & Sinners” and “Bossa Nova Pervertamento”

A4  Unconditionally Guaranteed
Ensemble – Magic Band, The Voice [The Shout In Background] – Don Van Vliet

A5  Gone Behind The Sun / Mondo Hollywood  – Originally entitled “Louisiana Blues”. The first live recording of the Mothers, 1965

A6   Lightning Rod Man  Ensemble – Lowell George & The Factory Producer – Frank Zappa; 1966, has since been officially released on Lightning-Rod Man

A7   I Think My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama  Guitar – Frank Zappa

B1   Rock Around The Clock / Sandwich Song  Voice, Musician – Frank Zappa

B2   How Could I Be Such A Fool  – The Mothers Of Invention ca. 1965

B3   Boogie For Berkeley   – The Mothers

B4   Neon Meat Dream Of An Octafish   – Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band Originally released on Trout Mask Replica

B5   King Kong  Ensemble – The Mothers

Alternative track and source list:

Side 1

metal man has won his wings  [1]
black napkins  [2]
instrumental  [3] / the story of electricity  [4]
unconditionally guaranteed  [5]
gone behind the sun  [14]
mondo hollywood  [6]
lightning rod man  [7]
my guitar  [8]

Side 2

rock around the clock / sandwich song  [9]
how could i be such a fool  [10]
boogie for berkeley  [11]
neon meat dream of an octafish  [12]
king kong  [13]
speed freak boogie  [15]


[1]   the soots 1963
[2]   the shrine auditorium, los angeles 1974
[3]   studio z 1964
[4]   the fm broadcast, beefheart talking over the song
[5]   captain beefheart live 1974
[6]   hollywood live 1965
[7]   the factory studio 1968 (or 1969)
[8]   the bizarre 0840 / reprise 20221 single
[9]   studio 1964
[10] studio rehearsal 1965
[11] studio 1968
[12] the “trout mask replica” lp set outtake
[13] london 1968
[14] the broadside bar, pamona, california 1964
[15] preview of the 10 lp set


The bootleg achieved cult status within a year or two and was re-issued and copied all over the place:

usa 1976 orig. Wizardo label wrmb 365 – multi-coloured vinyl

usa late 1970s ruthless rhymes wrmb 365 on slip sheet – orange & black vinyl

usa late 1970s dragonfly records label wrmb 365 on slip sheet – black vinyl

usa 1980 unmitigated audacity records label  wrmb 365 on slip sheet stereo

usa 19?? raring records wrmb 365 on slip sheet

usa 19?? modern jazz records wrmb 365

brazil 19?? modern jazz records ebbef 4388 with “scrapmetal” sheet

Zappa wrmb-365-front

I have my doubts if this is an original Wizardo-designed slip sheet.

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