Bowie D Baby Doll 1st

Baby Doll on black vinyl came first before followed up by the new design and title of Hard Meat And Limp Hits (still numbered 363) on colored wax. Both releases came from the same master. All tracks were copied from official releases (although not all were available in the US at the time this bootleg was released, in 1976 – not 1974 or 1975 as discussed on http://www.bowie-collection.de/75_79.htm), making this a pirate album. “Consequently, the sound quality of the album is very good.”

Side 1: Do Anything You Say / I Dig Everything / David Bowie with the Lower Third: Can’t Help Thinking about Me / I’m Not Losing Sleep / The Supermen [taken from the Revelations  various artists compilation (1972)] / Velvet Goldmine / Hang on to Yourself [from the 1972 Arnold Corns single]

Side 2: Man in the Middle [from the 1972 Arnold Corns single]/ John, I’m Only Dancing [original version] / Amsterdam / Round and Round / Rebel Rebel [US single mix]/ Panic in Detroit [live, Tower Philadelphia, Philadelphia, 12-13 July 1974]


Bowie Hard Meat LH

Or in blue:

Bowie Hard Meat Limp Hits disc 1

Bowie Hard Meat Limp Hits disc 2

Bowie Hard Meat Limp Hits

  1. does everyones copy skip during “John i’m only dancing”?

  2. paul matley said:

    hi there I have a copy of hard meat and limp hits on black vinyl and it plays fine on john I’m only dancing

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