WRMB 362: JOHN LENNON ‘ANGEL BABY’ – John Wizardo meets John Lennon

Lennon Angel Baby blue 4

Lennon Angel Baby blue

Another example of Wizardo using colored cardboard sleeves instead of the standard white ones, as previously seen on the double LP Roxy Music – Bitter Sweet

Lennon Angel Baby d&C blue

Lennon Angel Baby sealed

A sealed copy

Lennon Angel Baby diff

The extra logo on the right says “Trade Mark of Quantity” – more wicked Wizardo humor.

Side 1: Angel Baby [only available on the Roots Adam VIII album before 1976 when WRMB 362 came out and no doubt taken from there or a counterfeit copy]/ Yer Blues [Rock and Roll Circus 11 December 1968]/ John Lennon on KHJ-AM, Los Angeles, 27 September 1974. John Wizardo, the bootleg collector takes advantage of JL answering calls live on the air and asks about the unreleased “What’s The New Mary Jane” while taping the exchange]/ What’s The New Mary Jane [1968 outtake]/ Attica State [ac. guitar demo – tk 1, fall of 1971, recorded at their Bank St. apartment in NY – “running off speed”, according to Madinger & Easter]

Side 2: Be My Baby [only available on the Roots Adam VIII album before 1976 and no doubt taken from there or a counterfeit copy]/ Peace of Mind [outfake]/ The Luck Of The Irish [possibly same source as “Attica State” as two takes can be found there]/ Imagine/ Give Peace A Chance

Rated “Exs” in Hot Wacks except for the 1972 tracks closing each side. “Imagine” possibly from TMoQ’s Telecasts (as it is listed with the superior quality rating) and the final track from the One + One recordings.

In hindsight, apart from the earliest leak of a Lennon home demo, the short exchange between the bootleg label boss and the ex-Beatle is perhaps the highlight of this set- finally something unique and not previously available.


Sometime in the late 70s, a bootlegger in Japan coupled this LP with Wizardo’s first release in the 300 series:

Lennon Angel B O t O

Lennon Angel B O t O b

Lennon Angel B O t O detail

Wrong dates for the 1971/1972 tracks for Angel Baby but an admirable try in the late 1970s.

  1. Yesdays said:

    I think the logo on the Angel Baby title may be the “Trade Mark of Quantity” with a Rabbit caricature. More Wizardo humor.

  2. john said:

    yep yesdays..think you’re right

  3. john said:

    and the rabbit looks like an rabbit , used for an later bootleg label..at themoment cant remember it…im in bed now and tired…..please help me..and oh my god..what do i hate that cat/dog drawnings…..suche worthless labels on suche beautiful coloured vinyls…

  4. john said:

    looks like the rock solid rsr int..but that logo is a piggie……with rabbit ears?

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