Rolling Stones Da Doo Ron Ron 4

Found with blue  Wizardo and plain white labels.

Rolling Stones Da Doo Ron Ron


Side 1: Da Doo Ron Ron [02:20] (1964 studio recording, Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra feat. Mick Jagger)                                                                                                                                                               Cops And Robbers [03:42] (BBC, Camden Theatre, London, Host Long John Baldry;
Broadcast in “Blues in Rhythm”, May 9, 1964, to introduce stereo – provided listeners placed themselves between their radio and TV sets)                                                                                       Memphis, Tennessee [02:20]/ Roll Over Beethoven [02:15] (Last two tracks: Saturday Club, recorded September 23, 1963; Re-broadcast in “The Rolling Stones Story”, BBC Radio 1, April, 1973 – the source of the 1970s appearance on vinyl bootlegs such as this one)                                                Fanny Mae [02:11] (‘Saturday Club’ BBC, 20 August 1965 w. Ian Stewart on piano; Re-broadcast in “The Rolling Stones Story”, BBC Radio 1, April 21, 1973; proposed for release on THE BLACK BOX (Bill Wyman’s alternative to METAMORPHOSIS), June, 1975)                                                                      Everybody Needs Somebody To Love [02:56] (March 1965 UK Tour, as released GOT LIVE IF YOU WANT IT! (EP), 11 June 1965)                                                                                                                       2120 South Michigan Avenue [03:37] (June 10-11, 1964 CHESS STUDIOS, CHICAGO outtake)         Ride On, Baby [02:59] (December 6-10, 1965 RCA STUDIOS, HOLLYWOOD outtake)

Side 2: Diddley Daddy [02:37]/ Road Runner [03:05]/ Bright Lights, Big City [02:26]/ I Want To Be Loved [02:01]/ Baby What’s Wrong [03:24] (all previous tracks: March 11, 1963, IBC STUDIOS, LONDON – “This was the session that started it all and that old jangle piano that Stu played was used for many years to come of some other well known tracks (if it took Nicky Hopkins fancy)”)
Beautiful Delilah [02:09] (13 April 1964: Saturday Club)
Bye Bye Johnny [02:08] (8 August 1963 DECCA STUDIOS, LONDON, officially released on THE ROLLING STONES (EP), 10 January 1964 and AROUND AND AROUND LP, November, 1964)
Everybody Needs Somebody To Love [00:48]; Pain In My Heart [02:06] (Recorded at the Palace Theatre, Manchester, March 7, 1965, officially released on GOT LIVE IF YOU WANT IT! (EP), 11 June 1965)

RS April 64

RS San Antonio '64

San Antonio, TX – June ’64, second date on their first ever US Tour, beating the Beatles by two months.

RS Long Beach 64

Long Beach, CA, 1st November ’64 – photo by Jerry Long

KRichard Cleveland 64

Keith in Cleveland two days after the Long Beach show – photo by George Shuba


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