Jan & Dean Old Wax & NW mcv

Jan & Dean Old Wax & NW 2

I do admit that I don’t have any further information on these recordings, which are supposedly unreleased studio outtakes.

An image of the Jan and Dean album Take Linda Surfin’ has been added to the post for the Pink Floyd Wizardo ReKords release of the same name.


WRMB 349: The Beatles ‘Around The Beatles’ – can be found under the title link.

  1. Very cool web site! I thought you might be interested in the source for the tracks.
    SIDE 1
    Tinsel Town and Freeway Flier are solo Jan Berry Tracks from after his accident, released on 45; Baggy Pants is an old Jan & Dean 45; I Know My Mind is a WB track; Tomorrow’s Teardrops an early Jan & Dean 45,same with Gee and I Love Linda; Blue Moon Shuffle the flip side of a Jan Berry 45 post-accident
    SIDE 2
    Mother Earth is Jan Berry Solo Ode Records 45; Fiddle Around and Beat That Can’t Be Beat early Jan & Dean tracks; Laurel and Hardy warner brothers Jan & Dean; Blow Up Music Jan Berry 45 B side post accident; MidSummer Nights Dream Jan Berry solo 45 early in their career; Such A Good Night for Dreaming is early Jan & Dean and California Lullaby Dean’s from his Jan & dean LP for Columbia.

    • Thank you so much for this. I will add it to the post as soon as I can.

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