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Roxy Music Bittersweet

Source: Orpheum Theatre, Boston MA – 20 February 1975 on their Country Life Tour. While often called an extremely rare item, it is actually not that hard to find a copy. It’s more a case of ‘how much are you willing to pay for such a flawed recording?’ – with potential though – one mcv copy is currently for sale for $150.

Side 1:  Prairie Rose/ Mother Of Pearl/ Out Of The Blue/ A Song For Europe         
Side 2:  Three And Nine/ If It Takes All Night/ Bitter Sweet/ If There Is Something         
Side 3:  A Really Good Time/ Casanova/ All I Want Is You/ Virginia Plain         
Side 4:  Editions Of You/ The Thrill Of It All/ Do The Strand/ Baby’s On Fire (studio)/ I’ll Come Running (last 2 tracks: The Winkies w. Brian Eno, 26 February 1974, BBC Studio 4)

HW rating: “S 1 & 4 Gs; S2 & 3 Vgs”. Last two tracks on side 4 rated “poor stereo”.


For about 5 minutes while researching the source tape, I thought this was a bad transfer of famous New England taper’s Joe Malone recording but it turns out that is not the case, which I found out thanks to needle dropper ‘Doinker’s notes on his remastering project:

“Roxy Music – Mega-rare restored vinyl 2Lp set “Bitter Sweet” – Orpheum Theatre,
Boston MA 1975-02-20 AUD – speed-corrected and rejoined – nice show
With the Joe Maloney master already having been posted of this show, do you need another version? Here’s my take on this. This recording was made in a much closer setting to the stage than the Maloney master was, so overall it has the potential to be clearer. It’s not as well-balanced a mix, but the vocals and stage talk are much easier to hear.

That having been said, although distant the Maloney master is very clean sounding, while this recording is not always and never as much. The Maloney master has one more track “Bitter’s End”, which does not appear on this two-record set despite the fact that you can’t hear a cut. Where the tape flip occurs is also in a very different place. Also, the instrumental opening number is shorter as the very beginning is cut on the LP set.

All of this combined means that you probably do need both versions of this show.

This set ran incredibly slow. The pitch correction on my turntable was +5 out of 8 possible. That’s a whole lot. Additionally on the second LP there were ten minutes of Eno from the BBC in 1972. This has been removed as I did no research on the two tracks (Baby’s On Fire and I’ll Come Running) and the sound quality was dreadful.

And, there you have it!

Setlist (Runtime approx 76min)

Prairie Rose
Mother Of Pearl
Out Of The Blue
A Song For Europe
Three And Nine
If It Takes All Night
Bitter Sweet
If There Is Something
A Really Good Time
All I want Is You
Virginia Plain
Editions Of You
The Thrill Of It All
Do The Strand

Notes: This set was bought new many years ago and only played a couple of times. This is not the original issue, but the really rare “Old Glory Records” 300 Series with an alternate insert sheet.” [So, which one is the original issue?]


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