WRMB 335: The Beatles ‘Paris Sports Palais ’65’ & ‘Paris ’65’ found under the title link.


Rolling Stones 336

Rolling Stones 336 II

Sources: Brussels Foret National – 17 October, first show, except *  Wembley Empire Pool – 9 September 1973

Side 1: Gimme Shelter*/ Brown Sugar/ Happy*/ Tumbling Dice/ Heartbreaker*                                  Side 2: Honky Tonk Women/ Dancing With Mr. D/ Angie/ You Can’t Always Get What You Want          Side 3: Midnight Rambler/ All Down The Line/ Rip This Joint/ Jumpin’ Jack Flash                             Side 4: Street Fighting Man*/ Wild Horses(the “Gimme Shelter” alternate take)/ /Till The Next Goodbye^/ It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll^ (The “sailor suit” version that has a different instrumental track. Possibly the original Ron Wood take)/ Ain’t Too Proud Too Beg^ (^ = Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert, broadcast 19 October 1974 in season 2, episode 5; backing tracks with crowd clapping and “live” Jagger vocals) /Con Le Mie Lacrime (pirate of “As Tears Go By” in Italian 45)

rollingsonesnet.com believes that this double album was created by taking tracks from the TMoQ release EUROPEAN TOUR 1973 (TMoQ RS 561 / 71086):

“…All Down The Line also comes after Midnight Rambler on “Bedspring Symphony”, and on this record you can hear a few bars of [Street Fighting Man] before it abruptly cuts to [Rip This Joint]. There are also similarities in the song sequence when this is compared to “European Tour 1973″, so this looks like a copy of the two recordings with the different songs from each spliced together to make one release.”

Rolling Stones European Tour 1973

Side A: Brown Sugar/Happy*/ Dancing With Mr. D/ Angie/ You Can’t Always Get What You Want
Side B: Midnight Rambler/ Rip This Joint/ Jumpin’ Jack Flash/ Street Fighting Man*

and TAKRL’s Bedspring Symphony :

Rolling Stones Bedspring Symphony dbb

Side A: Gimme Shelter*/ Tumbling Dice/ Brown Sugar/ Heartbreaker*/ Angie
Side B: Honky Tonk Women/ Midnight Rambler/ All Down The Line/ Street Fighting Man*

Plus obviously at least one more source, as “Tumbling Dice” is not found on any of these two prior releases.



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