WRMB 332: LOU REED ‘blondes have more fun’ :Sweet Bread BUM 001 + K&S 031

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Reed L bhmf big

Excursion: The cover art does remind me a lot of this scarce Peter Gabriel bootleg produced years later:

Gabriel P I lost my teddy bear

Reed L BHMFun cv

Another colored wax release from Wizardo. Nothing to complain here though, as the quality is decent, even if it is a copy.

Reed L BHMFun 2

A copy of this rare Australian bootleg from 1975:

Reed L BHMF Sweet Bread

“Original First Press issue in color sleeve.


Extremely rare GENUINE original first pressing in stunning as new condition.  Definitely one of the scarcer Lou titles from the era.

This is the original issue from Sweet Bread came out in Australia, in 1975, released a year after the show. All other versions/pressings are copies of this.

Recorded at a Sydney, Australia show on either August 21 or 25, 1974,  Blondes Have More Fun is a live LP that came out on various underground labels in the ’70s. After coming out on Sweet Bread Records, Blondes Have More Fun was reissued by Wizardo a few years later. Unfortunately, the Wizardo version is problematic in a number of respects: Wizardo doesn’t tell you when or where the album was recorded and the songs aren’t listed in their correct order. As the  superior Sweet Bread version (which features a deluxe color cover) was near impossible to find, many collectors had to settle for the inferior Wizardo version. This recording is a great sounding record of Lou’s shows during the summer 1974.

Lou performed shows at this time with bleached blond hair, dark sunglasses and usually wearing a black T-shirt and black jeans. He was at the top of his game at this time, and the shows were superb.

The sound fidelity on this recording is excellent, and although it is a short show, it is a complete performance.

Side 1: Waiting For The Man / Sally Can’t Dance / Vicious / Lady Day
Side 2: Heroin / Walk On The Wild Side / White Light/White Heat / Goodnight Ladies

Recorded live at the Hordern Pavillion, Sydney, Australia, August, 21th, 1974 [date usually given as the 25th while ticket stubs say 13th]

Vocals – Lou Reed, Guitar – Danny Weiss, Bass – Prakash John, Drums – Pentti “Whitey” Glan, Keyboards – Michael Fonfara”

lou rockscene

Version # 3 (not by Wizardo):

Reed L BHMFun 1

Reed L BHMFun lbl

Reed L BHMFun neg

and version # 4:


Reed L BHMF disc

“150 pressed from the original WRMB plates. Most were lost in shipping. Exm.” – Hot Wacks comment

  1. Aussie0zborn said:

    I’d like to see a photo of the label of the so-called Australian pressing and a photo of the dead wax etchings. It is very unusual to have a bootleg LP pressed in Australia before 1989. With such photos I could confirm if this is indeed an Australian pressing.

    • That’s in the quoted text, it may be wrong. I wish I had the Sweet Bread LP but I don’t have it.

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