Beatles OSiErope Din A 4

Beatles OSiEurope alt

The alternate “letter” style cover reminding us of “Secret” (WRMB 342 JPM – Gotta Sing Gotta Dance).



Side 1  Yesterday/  Nowhere Man/ Rock N Roll Music/  Baby’s In Black/ I Feel Fine/ I’m Down         Source: Munich, Zirkus Krone 24 June, 1966, 9PM show – originally from a TV off air home recording, most likely copied off of Contraband’s Live In Europe & TV Casts LP (3571), presented here out of order and in worse quality.
Daytripper/ We Can Work It Out   (probably taken from broadcast of both promotional films on US TV music program Hullabaloo on 3 January 1966)

Side 2:  I Saw Her Standing There/ From Me To You/ Money/ Roll Over Beethoven/ You Really Got A Hold On Me/ She Loves You/ Twist And Shout (24 October 1963, Karlaplanstudio Stockholm, lifted from Contraband’s Sweden 1963)

Rated “poor mono”, with the exception of the two film soundtracks – “good mono”. A bit of a low point in the Wizardo catalog. At least the colored PVC still looks good.


After reviewing 28 Wizardo releases a trend appears to emerge. Multi colored vinyl seemed to have been used either as a warning sign or kind of like an ‘apology’: Here is some weird music you’ve never heard before and may not like (B.Toff Band, Nilsson – Scatalogue) or here’s some bad quality material we copied from older bootlegs you may already have purchased before … but the record looks really funky! Let’s see how this continues…

  1. Yesdays said:

    I thought colored vinyl was generally a sales gimmick, whether the sound quality was good or not.

  2. In the past, I had always seen it as a value adding feature with no connection/relation to the material offered. The collector’s market certainly adds a premium for colored vs. black PVC pressings.

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