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Wizardo trying the Contraband recipe of selling vaguely psychedelic fab four-ish sounding tracks with BBC recordings + more. “Have You heard The Word” (HOTWACKS quality rating: satisfactory) by the Fut had first appeared on the Contraband LP with the same title.  Next, Wizardo added the B-side “Futting Around” (very good; the two word title was used on the pirate copy of the single that was produced in 1973, the UK original just says “Futting” – see below) as well, so who says they didn’t deliver anything new? … “Don’t Let Me Down” & “Those Were The Days” (satisfactory; 29 March 1969 Amsterdam Hilton “Bed In”, from a VPRO radio interview with Wim Noordhoek & Jan Donkers) was already familiar from TMOQ’s Spicy Beatles Songs and CBM’s Abbey Road Revisited as is the next track, John’s short improvised version of “Cottonfields” (very good) from the 5 June ’68 The Kenny Everett Show.  I suspect that “Twist and Shout” (good) and “Dizzy Miss Lizzy” (satisfactory) are the same recordings also found on Spicy Beatles Songs : Swedish radio, Karlaplanstudio Stockholm, 24 Oct ’63 for the former and the last ever Beatles BBC radio show “The Beatles (Invite You To Take A Ticket To Ride)”, recorded 26 May 1965 and aired: 7 June 1965, for the latter.  “You Really Got A Hold On Me” (good) is likely from the Swedish radio broadcast as well, especially if it is live, as no other live performance exists.

The last track on side 1: “Roll Over Beethoven” (good) and the first two on side 2: “All My Loving” & “I Wanna Be Your Man” (both good) likely are identical with side 2 of CBM’s Sweden 1963 (wrongly attributed as having first appeared on CBM’s Mary Jane in the book Way Beyond Compare): From Us To You # 2, recorded on 28 February ’64 at BBC Piccadilly Studios in London and broadcast on 30 March ’64 (track 7, “From Us To You” (poor) might come from the same source as well).  The next three songs, “Long Tall Sally” (satisfactory), “A Hard Day’s Night” (very good) and “Things We Said Today” (good) plus the interview are obviously from the summer of 1964 and are most likely from the Beatles’ Top of the Pops appearances (as HOTWACKS states). A promo video of “Long Tall Sally” had been shown on 1 & 8 July ’64; “A Hard Days Night” played from the disc, on 8, 15 and 22 of July & 5 August and “Things We Said Today” on 29 July ’64.  See below for thoughts on an alternative source. If “It’s Now or Never” (poor; full title “By George! It’s The David Frost Theme/It’s Now Or Never”) from their appearance on UK TV’s Frost on Sunday is really on here then the book That Magic Feeling missed its first appearance on this bootleg. The following version of “Hey Jude” (good) is likely take 2 as aired in the UK version.


Collector comments:

“Most of this LP is copied from TMOQ’s 1973 LP “Mary Jane” (aka “Spicy Beatle Songs”). Wizardo replaced “What’s The New Mary Jane” with “Futting”, added “Long Tall Sally” to the “Top Of The Pops” segment, and tacked on the first bootleg appearance of the Frost material. The “Top Of The Pops” songs are from the radio show, not the TV, and are indeed from episode #1 of “Top Gear”.” (by John Winn, author of Way Beyond Compare & That Magic Feeling & the Beatlegmania book series)

“By the way, have you noticed how In The Lap Of The Gods is like an expanded, alternate version of Spicy Beatles Songs? Both open with The Fut – “Have You Heard The Word.” On SBS it is abridged, on LOTG it is complete.
Here, LOTG adds “Futting Around” that is not on SBS and then goes to “Don’t Let Me Down / Those Were The Days” which is on both.
LOTG omits “What’s The New Mary Jane” that is on SBS, and then the tracks are the same from “Cottonfields” through “I Wanna Be Your Man.”

At this point is where they differ. SBS has only “Dialogue / A Hard Day’s Night” and “Things We Said Today.” On SBS, there is no solo in the middle of “A Hard Day’s Night.” On LOTG, it has been edited in from the record. LOTG has the show intro theme, “Long Tall Sally,” “Dialogue / A Hard Day’s Night,” “Things We Said Today” and the TOTP closing theme. The sources differ between albums. On LOTG, the dialogue after AHDN is heard to stop and Brian Matthew says “Is it really four years since I had that chat?” and then the radio program resumes. This means that the source is a 1968 BBC retrospective. Going from memory now, I think the end of AHDN chat is also different in the “Have a banana, catch, and share it with the others.” One has alternate dialogue there. Then, LOTG goes to David Frost, which SBS doesn’t.” (comment from the BootlegZone Beatlegs forum)



The pirate from 1973. “One of the earliest Beatle (then thought) Bootlegs on 45 rpm.” states 45cat.com


The 1970 UK original.

The alternative explanation, which has been debunked (but I am keeping it as part of this entry as I like finding an early bootleg that is not listed anywhere) is that Jon Wizardo did get his hands on the rare 1971 bootleg The Beatles Last Album (matrix: 0171 – 01 1971 – the month/year it was produced or just a coincidence?), which preserved a little over half of their appearance on BBC radio’s Top Gear # 1 show as recorded 14 July ’64 and broadcast on July 16. It featured a sequence of Long Tall Sally/Things We Said Today/intro/A Hard Day’s Night/outro.



The cover inspiration (anyone ever seen this poster before/can tell us what the writing in the lower right says?):



This not often seen early bootleg LP features the first appearance of the People Say (Love Is Blind)/ I’m Walkin (All Alone) 45 – an unknown group recording under the alias “John & Paul” and guaranteed with zero involvement by any of the ex-Beatles –

before Contraband featured it on their late ’72 release MARY JANE (and Wizardo did it also on the 2nd hodgepodge disc of their 1975 MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR double album (WRMB 310).

Another officially released 45 is the German version of She Loves You plus three Christmas tracks, likely copied from the US Christmas Album LP.

LAST ALBUM also saw the first ever bootleg inclusion of their Frost on Sunday (UK) / The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour September/October ’68 live lead vocal appearance of Hey Jude and Revolution. I assume that just as its 1972 inclusion on CBM’s Europe & TV Casts, this is the US broadcast version where Hey Jude was edited from takes 1 and 3 (in the UK, the complete take 2 was aired). 


And finally, another first on bootleg vinyl: Shout! from the Around The Beatles TV special, as well as the partial aforementioned Top Gear # 1 BBC radio episode from 16 July 1964: Long Tall Sally, Things We Said Today, the intro to A Hard Day’s Night plus the song itself and and a bit of the outro. This was taken from a 1968 rebroadcast of the Top Of The Pops transcription discs, which included this much from the Top Gear performance.


with Brian Matthews, the DJ on Top Gear # 1

  1. Most of this LP is copied from TMOQ’s 1973 LP “Mary Jane” (aka “Spicy Beatle Songs”). Wizardo replaced “What’s The New Mary Jane” with “Futting”, added “Long Tall Sally” to the “Top Of The Pops” segment, and tacked on the first bootleg appearance of the Frost material. The “Top Of The Pops” songs are from the radio show, not the TV, and are indeed from episode #1 of “Top Gear”. TMOQ’s “Mary Jane” came out in June 1973, and I think “Sweden 1963” was later in the year.

    • Thank you, John. I have Sweden 1963 listed with a July ’73 release month.

  2. stephanie said:

    I have a copy of this i found in the dumpster yesterday. I don’t want it and I’m looking to sell for a generous price. I will be posting on Ebay unless you have another option.

  3. harold kirby said:

    I just bought the beatles” last album ‘on ebay…Do you have any more info on this rare title????

    • Since you now own a copy, you know more about it than I do. Could you post the track list here please?

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