WRMB 316: The Beatles ’30 Nostalgia Hits’ … on multi-colored wax / ‘Get Yer Yeah Yeah’s Out’ (2 versions) aka ‘SP 602’ + ‘SHEA THE GOOD OLD DAYS’ / ‘ON STAGE IN JAPAN THE 1966 TOUR’ :WRMB 318

WRMB 314 The Beatles ‘On Stage in Melbourne Australia & Washington DC’ was included in this earlier review

WRMB 315 The Beatles ‘The Complete Let It Be Sessions’ link to earlier review under the title


Beatles 30 Nostalgia Hits

Beatles 316 cv disc

Beatles 316 cv disc 2

Confirmed images of a colored vinyl version. For the Wizardo 300 series, this is currently the lowest numbered release that had a run on colored vinyl.

A-Side (13:40) 1964 Hollywood Bowl concert – part 1
A1         Tiwst & Shout         
A2         You Can’t Do That         
A3         All My Lovin’         
A4         She Loves You         
A5         Things We Said Today         
A6         Roll Over Beethoven         
      B-Side (16:50) 1964 Hollywood Bowl concert – part 2
B1         Can’t Buy Me Love         
B2         If I Fell         
B3         I Want To Hold Your Hand         
B4         Boys         
B5         A Hard Day’s Night         
B6         Long Tall Sally         
      C-Side (21:50) 1966 Tokyo Concert – part 1
C1         Rock & Roll Music         
C2         She’s A Woman         
C3         If I Needed Someone         
C4         Day Tripper         
C5         Baby’s In Black         
C6         I Feel Fine         
C7         Yesterday         
C8         I Wanna Be Your Man         
      D-Side (21:30)
D1         Ain’t She Sweet         D1 – D5 at least are all pirated from the official records
D2         P.S. I Love You           
D3         There’s A Place         
D4         Misery         
D5         Dizzy Miss Lizzy         
D6         This Boy         
D7         From Me To You         
D6         Paperback Writer        Tokyo 1966
D7         I’m Down                        Tokyo 1966

Beatles 30 Nostalgia Hits ad

Read about a fan’s introduction through this bootleg in 1975: http://www.earcandymag.com/beatles-genesis.htm

Hot Wacks referred to the 2 LP set as SP 602 – I am not sure why at this point.

Later, the release number 316 was ‘recycled’ for a single LP called:

Beatles GetYYYsOut

Fan Buys lbl 316

It was available on multicolored vinyl as well.

This Japanese vinyl bootleg blog entry declared WRMB 316 the winner in the sound quality category compared to at least the SODD and Lemon Records versions shown there:



Research into this title led me to another bootleg with the same title that I have so far filed under “Dittolini Discs” due to the matrix number found on their version of Shea The Good Old Days (despite the title, Shea… contains the 1964 Hollywood Bowl recording):

Beatles GYYYOut

Beatles Get Yer Yeah Yeah's Out w. letter

This is a very rare record masquerading as a Wizardo Rekords product. It sold for $500 in January of 2013. From the eBay text: “INCLUDES THE “DEAR BEATLE NUT” LETTER INSERT”.          This release was completely new to me. I wonder if it says anything about Wizardo having discovered the Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl…

Beatles GetYYYsOut insertAnother insert that came with this title.

Beatles GYYYOut matrix 2

Beatles GYYYOut matrix

Below, matrix from the Dittolini release She The Good Old Days:

Beatles SheaTGOD matrix

As one can see, the writing looks identical.




WRMB 318 was created as another daughter release to re-package discs from the 30 Nostalgia Hits double.

Beatles wrmb 318 II

TAKRL logo and track list copied from the first TAKRL release # 1900, resulting in a discrepancy between that and the actual songs on the record.

Matrix: BFC 3/4

Beatles wrmb 318 disc or

beatles wrmb 318 lbl or

Beatles wrmb 318 disc blu

Beatles wrmb 318 lbl blu


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