WRMB 313: Genesis ‘Revelation Without a Cause’

Genesis Revelation WO AC

Source: Audience recording from the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles on 24 January 1975        Rated ‘B+’ on genesis-movement.org. This show has since been officially released on their Archive 1 box set and is available on the wolfgangsvault website as well.

Side 1: Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats/ The Colony of Slippermen/ Ravine/ The Light Dies Down On Broadway/ Riding The Scree

Side 2: The Waiting Room/ Anyway/ Here Comes the Supernatural Anesthetist/ The Lamia

You can read more about this show here: http://radioguide.genesis-movement.org/index.html#x-24jan75

Quote from the above link: “Beware of the bootleg LP “Revelation Without A Cause” [Wizardo Wrmb 313 – LP] as it was recorded from the audience at the same gig.”


shrine aud LA

The venue

Genesis Shrine Aud '75

On stage at the Shrine Auditorium, image credited to Al Matta & Dave & Scott Rolf.

  1. vince said:

    i have this copy aswell it say for promotion use only it say 1 on it dated aug 19/76 private collectors edition 2-wrmb 313-b front cover is a litagraph not a print like others if intrested coldonedrinks1969@hotmail.com best offer ive had this lp for about 12 years now

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