Led Zep Trampled U

Led Zep Trampled U discs

Led Zeppelin Trampled Underfoot b

(Thanks to Vinny for the images of his copy)


Side 1: Rock And Roll [ 3:31 – cut ] >> Sick Again [ 4:36 ], Over The Hills And Far Away [ 6:08 ], In My Time Of Dying [ 9:39 ]      Side 2: The Song Remains The Same [ 5:12 ] >> The Rain Song [ 7:36 ], Kashmir [ 7:52 ], [ cut ], Trampled Underfoot [ 5:57 – cut ]  Side 3: Dazed And Confused (<< San Francisco..) [ 25:25 – cut ]  Side 4: Stairway To Heaven [ 9:59 – cut ], [ cut ], Whole Lotta Love [ 1:04 – cut ] >> Out On The Tiles Intro [ 0:10 ] >> Black Dog      [ 5:06 ], [ cut ], Heartbreaker [ 6:09 ] states that this is the same source as used on Wizardo’s Plant Waves (WRMB 337) for the four New York ’75 tracks “In My Time Of Dying”, “Trampled Under Foot”, “Whole Lotta Love/ Out On The Tiles Intro-Black Dog” and “Heartbreaker“.

They continue their review with: “Incomplete good to very good 1st audience recording. 107 minutes.
The recording itself lacks dynamics a bit, with all the instruments clearly recognizable, and sounds very similar to the video fragment. What’s more interesting, the recording is not distorted or overloaded; the issue is hiss, which is very prominent.

Robert Godwin – The Illustrated Collector’s Guide (Revised) 1987 p. 391 – 393
Deluxe blue & black cover, Cream of The Crop labels, Good Stereo, Matrix LZ 1-4, “This is very rare” “Not really too bad a recording”


Extremely rare, although if you must have a copy, you are in luck one is currently offered for 1000 Euros on the internet.

I corresponded with the label boss and he claimed 1000 copies were pressed. This turns up so rarely that I would say only a few hundred were ever released.

LZ NY 75 dates

  1. Vinny said:

    Thanks Guido for using my scans on your great site……..

  2. matthes hogue said:

    I have a copy of this. Mint condition. I’ve played it twice. I have pics to prove it. Thank you for the info, been very hard to find….gunna get it apparaised 10-11-13 by heirtage auction house. I will post what it was appraised for….

    • Hi! Please let us know what they told you.
      A copy was put on eBay just a couple of months ago, if I remember correctly. It failed to bring in anywhere near $600; very hard to appraise these AND then actually get that amount. It all depends on condition, of course.

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