Neil Young confiscating a CSNY vinyl bootleg in an LA music store – December 1971

After first finding the Dylan boot Let me Die in My Footsteps, he discovers the Crosby & Nash title A Very Stoney Evening (plainly visible from 4:00 onwards, does not look like the TMoQ version though) and a CSN&Y bootleg, which I have not been able to identify. A tense situation ensues between Neil and the store clerk, who seems to have no idea who this ‘hippie’ is.

The issue of Rolling stone magazine in the rack is Issue #97 with a cover date of December 9,1971. A Very Stoney Evening was recorded in October of that year and shows how fast some bootleggers could be in bringing shows to market.


The line up as presented by detective N.Young:


Dylan Let Me Die In My Footsteps


2. “A Very Stony Evening”

Crosby Nash Very Stoney Evening

Seems to be rare today. First version of the much more common classic TMOQ version and issued together with the folder type version of Led Zeppelin’s Going To California. eBay seller mentioned that it came on blue vinyl.

Crosby-Nash Stoney Evening 2

Led Zep G T Cali 1st


3. Busted! CSN&Y “Live At The Forum”

CSNY LID Records

  1. Vinny said:

    Cool Video Guido…………….

  2. Yesdays said:

    Priceless …

  3. JOHN said:

    where does this come from?…a documentary?

    • “I worked on this shoot. This was a record store on Melrose Ave. in LA. and this wasn’t a set up. We did it while working on the film that became Journey Through the Past. The record store guy was visibly nervous and Neil was contentious because he was pissed that people were putting out the music and it was badly recorded. He ended up taking all the records so the public wouldn’t be ripped off by buying music that wasn’t up to the level Neil wants.” says on of the comments.

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