PINK FLOYD ‘MUSIC HALLE’ / ‘HAMBURGER – live in germany 1970’ / “M-502” / ‘Embrwo’ / ‘Take Linda Surfin’ ‘ + ‘The Miracle Muffler’

Pink Floyd, recorded at Musikhalle Hamburg on Thursday, 25 February 1971

Sources 1: German original bootleg – M-502 copy – CBM release a. (Hamburger) – CBM reissue (Music Halle)

Pink Floyd Music Halle

Pink Floyd Music Halle 2

Pink Floyd Arab cover

Pink Floyd Live In Germany red stamp

The “Arab Family” insert. Extremely rare double LP, part of the 2LP reissues that Contraband is known for. A copy sold for over $1000 in 2004. Only ever seen with red pirate labels. This release has many ”ancestors” that I will try to add one by one.

Matrix: PF47094 A/D

Side 1: Green is the Color/ Careful with that Axe, Eugene/ Cymbaline                                                  Side 2: Embryo/ Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun                                                                        Side 3: A Saucerful of Secrets                                                                                                                              Side 4: Atom Heart Mother suite

Quality rating: Good stereo on, where it says “A re-release of Hamburger from the same plates”, which is an “Excellent stereo” rated title.

Pink Floyd Live in Germany 1970

Pink Floyd Live in Germany 1970 2

Below: Rare alternate insert

Pink Floyd live in germany

Matrix: PF-47094 A/D

Other label variations:

A copy of:

Pink Floyd M-502

Matrix / Runout: -M-502-1-
    Matrix / Runout: -M-50 2-2-
    Matrix / Runout: -M-502-3-
    Matrix / Runout: -M-502-4-

German copy of original release. Much easier to locate than an original copy, so that “M-502” has been adopted as the name for the original 2 LP set.

Can be recognized by:  – Cover not laminated; front cover says “Pink Floyd” or “Pink Floyd Live”, lesser print & audio quality (distortion in louder passages); back cover may have track list using two different types of fonts.

First up, the more common version:

Pink Floyd M 502 b a

This is the rarer version:

Pink Floyd M 502 b b

Used label variations – the yellow one is most common – missing is white with silver text:


The mega-rare original:


Pink Floyd 1,2,3,4

Pink Floyd 1,2,3,4 inner

Matrix: The numbers 1 to 4 on each side

Can be recognized by:  – Laminated cover; no writing on front or back; track listing on inside panels; thin paper quality.

Found labels (some copies had none):

Pink Floyd 1,2,3,4 lbl a

Pink Floyd 1,2,3,4 lbl b


US/UK TMoQ copies: 1. Embrwo

Pink Floyd Embrwo 1

Pink Floyd Embrwo 2

Pink Floyd Embrwo 4

Pink Floyd Embrwo 3

The story behind this release goes like this: In late 1972 a copy of “M-502” had found its way to Britain and a bootleg dealer/distributor, who would leave his mark on the insert of a UK produced version of the TMoQ Rolling Stones bootleg Beautiful Delilah : Freddy Stomper “The Marked Hand”. Freddy did not only want to sell albums made by others, he wanted to sell his own product.

Shown here: A UK “Freddie” pressing of a Rolling Stones title:

Rolling Stones Beaut. D Freddy St UK

However, finding a pressing plant that would accept a ‘vinyl for cash’ after hours job with no questions asked and information passed on proved basically impossible back then, so Freddy decided to use his contacts in California, have the records pressed there and imported without covers, so customs would not be tipped off right away.

The discs carried the 1 to 4 large number labels TMoQ were using at that time and came in green, blue and bright red. The cardboard used on these is significantly thinner than the common US plain white sleeves. Freddy also ordered his own title stamps and I believe that this title ended up with the misspelling as his handwriting on the stamp order form must have been less than perfect. A small pink insert was pasted onto the rear as shown above. On this insert, the double LP is called “Embryo”, showing that the misspelling had not been made on purpose.

All known copies were bought in the UK. Not many were made and many of them were confiscated by the British Phonographic Industry when Richard Branson’s Virgin Records store at 24 Oxford Street in London was raided for selling bootlegs in March of 1973. 


Next up: “Wizardo Rekords” is born and learns the art of recycling.

“Some interesting facts for you about this release. I personally had something to do with the original American vinyl release of this show (as 2 LPs: Take Linda Surfin’ and The Miracle Muffler). This show was originally released in Germany, and the CD cover art that comes with this torrent is copied from the original German release, which had a fold-out double-LP cover. It was pressed with high quality vinyl, and was an excellent product all around.

At the time a group of us were heavy bootleg collectors in Los Angeles. We met a distributor who often imported European bootlegs. He said he had some original metal stampers for an unknown Pink Floyd bootleg which he offered to sell us. He was evasive about where he’d gotten them. He had no idea which Pink Floyd show it was, only that it was Pink Floyd. As a diehard Floyd fan, I bought them.

The stampers were very heavy-duty. Whereas American-made stampers were fairly thin and could be bent in your hands, these German ones were solid stainless steel and weighed several pounds each [These might have been the Embrwo stampers, I am not sold that they were the German M-502 stampers, see the matrix comparison below proving this].

Then we (I won’t disclose who the other people were) found a pressing plant in LA, Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs, which specialized in, among other things, making reference copies of LPs (i.e. the very highest quality pressings) [from Mofi’s website: “In 1977, he founded the renowned audiophile label Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab.” Obviously, these bootlegs were made around 1972, early 1973 at the latest, so this person is mistaken]. They were not a known bootleg maker, which was one reason we chose them. Had we gone to pressing plants in west LA which were known for making bootlegs, it was likely our stampers would have been stolen or “broken” by the established bootleggers. This had happened to a friend of ours.

We decided to go all out and make the highest quality pressing, to distinguish our product from the lower-quality vinyl on the market (all that colored vinyl stuff looked nice, but didn’t stand up to wear). We paid a premium to use the highest quality vinyl that was used for reference discs [I doubt that MoFi used multicolored vinyl]. We told the pressing plant that it was our band. They were suspicious, and asked us what kind of music it was. We fudged it and made up some stories. Remember, we didn’t even know which concert this was, whether it was AHM or something earlier.

When we showed up to pick up the discs, the managers took us aside in another room and said “Are you telling the truth that this is your band?” We confirmed that it was. Luckily these guys were obviously not into trippy psyched-out English bands, because they told us they’d all listened to the records to determine whether we were making bootlegs. None of them recognized the music! So we got away with it. This was around 1972. “Meddle” had recently come out, so it was pre-Dark Side and thus Pink Floyd was still somewhat lesser-known in America.

Of course I figured out the setlists, but we still didn’t know the actual source of the show. We hadn’t put 2 and 2 together regarding the German bootleg. When we asked the guy who’d sold us the stampers, he said he thought the show was from London. So that’s what we put on the covers [only TLS says “London concert” (see below), MM mentions “Hamburg, Germany” – so does this mean that TLS came out first?]. A graphic artist friend of ours designed the covers. It was another bootlegger who pointed out to us a couple years later about our mistake. When we compared the matrix numbers, we knew he was right.

Pink Floyd Take Linda Surfing fold over insert

Above: The “folded over” insert part for Take Linda Surfin’ mentioning “London concert” in the line above the track listing

Pink Floyd Miracle Muffler b

Above: Equivalent part of the insert flap for Miracle Muffler

Thus, Take Linda Surfin and The Miracle Muffler are from the identical stampers as the original European release. We later sold the stampers to another large-scale bootlegger. Wish I’d kept them as souvenirs.

It’s no wonder that the later CD remasters of these shows have no surface noise. The European pressings were good quality vinyl, while ours were the best quality available anywhere. Even after dozens of playings, it was rare to hear a pop on our versions. [I do not believe that these US versions sound better than the original German 1, 2, 3, 4 version. does not even rate them on the same level as “M-502” ]

As an aside, we put huge effort through our connections throughout the bootleg community around the world to find the maker of the German original, mainly because we wanted to find out if he had any other tapes. We couldn’t trace him. As far as I know, no one has ever discovered the original source tapes of this show.

I sold my entire bootleg vinyl collection years ago, and forgot to keep even a single copy of the original Take Linda Surfin and Miracle Muffler. So it’s cool, and nostalgic, to hear this again. Still my favorite Pink Floyd boot of all time.” [post made on a torrent site for live recordings]

Matrix comparison of side 3 of the double sets / side 1 on TLS:

Original “open legs” 2 LP: ‘3’

M-502 copy:                          -M-502-3-

Embrwo:                               PF RECORD – 3

Take Linda Surfin’:             PF RECORD – 3

Pink Floyd Take Linda Surfing mcv 2

Printed labels that look hand drawn, a specialty Wizardo would retain for their ‘dog & cat’ and ‘Old Glory’ labels.

*** I have been informed that this ‘purple insert’ version is actually a forgery/copy from the 1980’s (the one with the blue insert below is real). Oh my, counterfeit bootlegs… ***

Pink Floyd Take Linda Surfing mcv 3

Pink Floyd Take Linda Surfing mcv

Has any LP ever resembled a pizza more (in this case “Hawaii”)?

Hot Wacks wrote:First pressing consisted of only 300 copies. Second on black only. Third & fourth on CV.” So, what color was the first pressing? 

Jan & Dean Take Linda Surfin'

Wizardo’s album title inspiration.


Pink Floyd Miracle Muffler red 1

Pink Floyd Miracle Muffler lbl 1

Pink Floyd Miracle Muffler red 2

Pink Floyd Miracle Muffler lbl 2


The “Atom Heart Mother” Tour started in the summer of 1970 with festival appearances in Europe (Kralingen and Aachen), before starting the tour proper in North America in late September. Beginning of November saw the band start the European leg of their tour with gigs in Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, France and the UK.

pink floyd Hannover 1970

Pink Floyd had already played to 4,000 at the barn-like Ernst-Merck Halle on 14 November ’70, nevertheless another return to the city by the North Sea was booked for 25 February, during leg two of the Europe tour. First planned for the Hamburger Staatsoper but had to be moved to the Musikhalle “proven ground for pop shows” as the equipment set up time could not be guaranteed at the opera house. Tickets were rather expensive as the band reportedly asked for a fee “close to DM 50,000”. A local concert promoter was quoted as stating rather bluntly “I don’t understand why this has to be so idiotically expensive”.


Pink Floyd Hamburg 71 d

Pink Floyd Hamburg 71 c


Ticket for next day’s show in Offenbach, note the price difference.

  1. OnMyWay said:

    I have a copy of the Arab Family album. I don’t need it anymore. Contact me if you are interested.

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