Beatles Kum Back

Blue Slick

A 4 size again but from the “NOT FOR SALE” series.

Beatles Kum Back 2

Standard slip sheet size. Particularly poor image reproduction found on all of them. It was “inspired” by the earlier WCF release:

Beatles Kum Back!


Side A/ 1
Side B/2
Side 1
                                      DDSI #        
1 2:30     Get Back     23.30           
2 0:50     The Walk     27.10 (Edit)     Listed as “Can He Walk ”    
3 3:47     Let It Be     26.36           
4 5:30     Teddy Boy     24.22 (Edit)           
5 3:22     Two Of Us     24.39             
Side 2
                                                      DDSI #    
1 3:20    Don’t Let Me Down     22.49           
2 2:32    I’ve Got A Feeling     23.31         
3 3:24     Long And Winding Road     31.20           
4 1:42     For You Blue     25.24           
5 3:30     I Dig A Pony     23.35         
6 2:33     Get Back (Medley) 27.4      

Matrix: CBM 15 A-1/2

Also exists with pirate symbol and as a King Kong budget release.

Beatles Kum Back KK lbl

A little bit more info on the earliest Get Back session vinyl releases can be found here.


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