JIMI HENDRIX ‘Hendrix, Clapton, Mayall & Bruce’

Hendrix Clapton Mayall Bruce

A1 STARS THAT PLAY WITH LAUGHING SAM’S DICE A2 HIGHWAY CHILE (JHE – supposedly live states Hot Wacks but in reality UK B-sides of the 3rd & 4th UK single by the JHE, not yet released in the US in 1971)                                                                                                                                                 A3 HEAR ME CALLING YOUR NAME  A4 CAMELS AND ELEPHANTS (A3 + 4: Graham Bond Organisation album tracks from 1965 UK LP There’s a Bond Between Us with Jack Bruce & Ginger Baker)

B1 NO REPLY (3:10) B2 I’M NO STRANGER [actual title = “I’m a stranger”] (5:14) (B1+ 2: Taken from John Mayall’s 1968 UK album Bare Wires featuring Mick Taylor) B3 SONNY BOY BLOW B4 DON’T KICK ME (B3 + 4: from John Mayall’s 1967 solo album The Blues Alone) B5 STAND BACK BABY (from the 1967 John Mayall & The Bluesbraker’s album Crusade, featuring Mick Taylor and John McVie) [It seems that there is no Eric Clapton contribution on any of these tracks]

This was the line up of the original release and as it is listed in Hot Wacks. Either, one song from side 2 is unlisted or it was left off CBM’s version.
Matrix XCQ-4A and XCQ-4B, Contraband copied this relatively common 1971 pirate release


Description of the above item read: “CBM XCQ4, USA, deluxe custom red cbm labels, rubber stamped cover, stamped on front and back.”


General information on the commonly found release on the Munia label:

“I bought a copy of this in Greenwich Village in spring ’71 & was disappointed to hear Jimi on only the first two songs (although it was cool to hear the songs as they hadn’t yet been on a legit US release). It’s the studio cuts–although maybe a different mix on STPLSD, as I seem to recall Jimi’s narration being much more prominent. “

From an eBay ad: Jimi Hendrix Experience — Eric Clapton – Ginger Baker – John Mayall – Jack Bruce LP Original 1970? US release on Munia Records (catalog # MBR-1/MBR-2 / XCQ-4, matrix # 707) .

Scarce Hendrix w/Cream LP. Red cover with green spine has ink-stamp, white Munia labels with ring (same as Rubber Dubber labels of that time.) XCQ version with 9 tracks, later XCR version only had 8 tracks.

“Stars That Play With Laughing Sam’s Dice” is an absolute killer of a song.”

“a mediocre collection of B-sides and obscure album tracks.” (Geldeart & Rodham, Jimi Hendrix – From the Benjamin Franklin Studios, p. 146)

“Highway Chile” was the B-side of “The Wind Cries Mary”, released 5 May 1967, and “The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam’s Dice” is found on the flip side of “Burning Of The Midnight Lamp” from August 1967.

JHE Highway Chile JHE The Stars That Play


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