the moody blues ‘october 1972’ / ‘LIVE ON A TUESDAY AFTERNOON’ / ‘ALIVE’

Moody Blues october 1972 5Moody Blues october 1972 lbl A

Moody Blues october 1972 blu

Release date: late 1972/early 1973

Moody Blues october 1972 2


Moody Blues october 1972 lbl

Above, alternative (non-CBM) label, possibly related to WCF releases.


The best analytical notes of these three titles are still the ones written by bootleg needle dropper “doinker”: “The recording “October ’72” is supposedly from the Nassau Coliseum in 1972 [They did not play there in ’72, see tour schedule at the end].  According to the Hot Wacks discography, the recording “Live On A Tuesday Afternoon” is the same show. Sorry guys, it isn’t. The recording is somewhat similar, the performances are not.

LOATA, along with its even rarer identical companion “Moody Blues Alive”, are perhaps the rarest of the Moodies live vinyl. LOATA was probably limited to under 200 copies, and only came out once, a very long time ago. To those who understand the following lingo, it’s an East Coast WCF pressing, made in either North Carolina, or Flushing, NY.

Moody Blues Live On A Tuesday Afternoon

WCF’s typical cover and label design for their 1971/2 releases.



I have no information about “Moody Blues Alive”, except that the pressing may be European. The cover was a small insert with a stoned-out face floating in a blue starfield.

Moody Blues Alive

Moody Blues Alive b

Both pressings are quite good, but the production values were not. Some idiot added echo during the mastering process, and stopped and started the tape, producing a loud “thwack!” each time. It seems the tape was fast-forwarded and stopped to make the transfer as quick as possible.

“October ’72” came out more than one time. It’s probably best to call it a Berkely Records production (also East Coast, somewhat later than LOATA [I believe Berkeley Records was definitely a West Coast operation]). Most of the pressings were terrible, and this one is no exception. There are a few good pressings of this show by the way, but they all suffer from speed problems.

The real treat here is the impromptu version of “Oh! Suzannah!”. It’s great, short as it is.

Hope you like the shows! Many thanks to MoodySMB for help doing research.”


Live On A Tuesday Afternoon

Tuesday Afternoon
The Tortoise And The Hare
Melancholy Man
Are You Sitting Comfortably?
The Dream
Have You Heard? Pt 1
The Voyage
Have You Heard? Pt 2
Nights In White Satin
Legend Of A Mind

October ’72

Melancholy Man
Living In The Land Of Make Believe
Nights In White Satin
Are You Sitting Comfortably
The Dream
Have You Heard? Pt 1
The Voyage
Have You Heard? Pt 2
Oh! Suzannah!

Moody Blues 1972 US Tour dates:

MARCH 1972
22    Chicago, IL    International Ampitheatre  
23    Champaign, IL    UICU – Univ. Assembly Hall   
25    Detroit, MI    Cobo Arena   
26    Syracuse, NY    Onondaga Memorial Auditorium   
27    Baltimore, MD    Baltimore Civic Center   
28    Toronto, ON    Maple Leaf Gardens   
30    Boston, MA    Boston Gardens   
31    Buffalo, NY    Memorial Auditorium   
APRIL 1972
2    San Antonio, TX    Convention Center Arena   
3    Fort Worth, TX    Tarrant County Convention Center   
4    Oklahoma City, OK    Oklahoma Fairgrounds Arena   
5    Houston, TX    Sam Houston Coliseum   
7    Orlando, FL    Sports Stadium Arena   
8    Miami, FL    Hollywood Sportatorium   

21    Hampton, VA    Hampton Roads Coliseum    
22    Baltimore, MD    Civic Center    
23    New York City, NY    Madison Square Garden    (2 shows)

24    Philadelphia, PA    Spectrum  
25    Boston, MA    Boston Gardens  
27    St. Louis, MO    The Arena    
28    Milwaukee, WI    Arena    
29    Bloomington, MN    Metropolitan Sports Center  
31    Salt Lake City, UT    Salt Palace    
1    Los Angeles, CA    Forum
3    San Diego, CA    Sports Arena    
4    Long Beach, CA    Long Beach Arena

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