Bangla Desh Albums (Madison Square Garden August 1, 1971)


CfBangladesh b&w

Exists with yellow or green labels.

CfBangladesh green

And was later reissued by Contraband with Instant Analysis labels and their bare bones slip sheet design:

Harrison bangla desh

Source: Evening performance at Madison Square Garden on 1 August 1971; Matrix  SAD 1/2 

Side 1: My Sweet Lord/ Beware of Darkness/ My Guitar Gently Weeps/ Here Comes The Sun/ Something/ Bangla Desh

Side 2: A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall/ It Takes A Lot To Laugh/ Blowin’ In The Wind/ Mr. Tambourine Man/ Just Like A Woman

Quality Comments: “Satisfactory mono, a lot of crowd noise.”; “It is a mediocre audience recording.”

The same track list can be found on this album, which also the suggested source:

Greatest Show On Earth

Greatest Show On Earth lbl

More from the evening show can be found on the following release:

Bangla Desh

From “BANG Records released this LP in 1971 shortly after the concert. It was pressed from its own unique master plates, but it’s basically the same LP that was released by FRT records at about the same time [see below]. It has a folder type wrap-around sleeve with a black and green, or green and white cartoon insert of Harrison. The labels are either plain eggshell white or are full printed silver and blue ‘BANG’ labels. Matrix  4022 A/B  “

Bangla Desh 2

Bangla Desh b

Bangla Desh disc

Bangla Desh lbl

Original edition labels.

Bangla Desh FRT

Bangla desh lbl 1

bangla desh lbl 2 “This ‘version two’ Bangla Desh concert LP was issued in 1971 by FRT Records. The plain white sleeve carried a black on white insert with small, unflattering cartoon drawings of the artists. Black vinyl. The labels are either blank blue (some were stamped “SIDE A”, “SIDE B” and/or “33 1/3 RPM”.) or are the generic GLC labels.
This is basically the same LP released by  BANG records [shown above], but was pressed from a different master plate. Matrix  BRK 1001 A1/B1 “

Hot Wacks claims that the FRT BRK 1001 album contains excerpts from the afternoon show. It also states that Bangla Desh (BANG Records 4022) contains the same material. That LP is then listed in Eight Arms To Hold You as the suggested source for three tracks from the evening concert.

LPs with the BRK 1001 A1/B1 stamper also exist with a slightly smaller copy of the Contraband slip sheet shown as the first release (on green or yellow paper). The labels are blank yellow stamped with ‘side A/B’, or are yellow full printed Bangla Labels.

BRK 1001 copy

CfBd 3


New York Harrison Concert 1971

With Klaus Voormann, Jesse Ed Davies and Eric Clapton.

CfBd 4

With Don Preston and Eric –  the mad axe-men of altruism.

CfBd 2


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