5030 ‘RARE BEATLES – happy birthday’ / ‘Soldier of Love aka Happy Birthday’ :WRMB 345

Beatles Rare B b

J. Fish design, without a doubt.

Beatles RARE hb

Date of release: March 1974

SIDE A: Johnny B. Goode (Saturday Club # 280, recorded 7 January 1964)/ Shout (Around The Beatles, rec. 19 April 1964)/ Pop Go The Beatles/ You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me Pop Go The Beatles # 14, rec. 3 September ’63/ Memphis Tennessee (2:18)/ Happy Birthday, Saturday Club (0:30) (last 2 tracks: Saturday Club # 261, recorded 7 September 1963)/ This Boy/ Twist And Shout/ I Want To Hold Your Hand

SIDE B: Roll Over Beethoven/ All My Loving/ I Wanna Be Your Man/ From Me To You/ Tell Me Why/ If I Fell/ I Should Have Known Better
As “Tell Me Why” was never recorded for any of the BBC radio programs or performed live on any of the tours, so side 2 is probably related to the movie A Hard Day’s Night.

“RARE BEATLES (also titled HAPPY BIRTHDAY on another insert), CBM TB5030, distributed in March 1974, four previously unreleased songs made their debut, unfortunately in poor quality and noticeably slow (among these, “Johnny B. Goode” can hardly be recognized!). This LP first appeared with blank labels, and had a few repressings on various other CBM labels.”

“Another handful of BBC songs, this time from “Saturday Club” (funny how BBC songs appeared in batches), were released on titles like RARE BEATLES and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. All poor quality, they included “Johnny B. Goode” (incomplete and with an annoying glitch of static), “Memphis” and “Happy Birthday Saturday Club”. “

Beatles Happy Birthday

Beatles Happy Bd

Side A:    Johhny B. Goode/ Shout/ Pop Goes The Beatles/ You Really Got A Hold On Me/ Memphis/ Happy Birthday/ Some Other Guy/ Lucille/ Boys/ Act Naturally/ Shout # 2     
Side B:     Murray The K 1964 (Interviews And “She Loves You” twice Plus “Shout”)/ I’ll Be On My Way/ Soldier Of Love

Not “The record HAPPY BIRTHDAY by Wizardo Records, WRMB 345, featured the BBC track of this song plus songs from other records.” The beginning of side 2 is possibly the same as side 2 on CBM’s Soldier of Love (TB 1022) – a pirate of the As It Happened – Murray The K & The Beatles EP.

Murray The K EP

Otherwise, CBM’s Soldier of Love features a completely different track list for side 1 when compared to Wizardo’s later version.

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