First cover issue (back cover shown):

Dylan bloodtakes orig

The front insert looks something like this:

Dylan bloodtakes 1st issue f

I would slot this as a 1976 release for the original first issue.

bobsboots states “There was also another issue with King Kong on an orange insert that was probably issued in 1977. That is the year that Contraband started using the “King Kong” and “Godzilla” logos. ” I would still say that both animal logos appeared significantly earlier but it is really difficult to say as it is hard enough to pinpoint the release date for first releases, let alone reissues.

Later cover variation:

Dylan Blood Takes

Dylan Blood Takes 2

King Kong reissue:

Dylan Bloodtakes


Side 1:   Hurricane/ Oh Sister/ Simple Twist Of Fate/ Tangled Up In Blue  
Side 2:   Lilly, Rosemary, and the Jack of Hearts/ If You See Her Say Hello / You’re A Big Girl Now/ Idiot Wind

Sources:  ‘The World of John Hammond’ WTTW studios Chicago – 10 September 1975, except last track and all of side 2 – original 1974 Blood On The Tracks outtakes, recorded 12 September 1974, Columbia Studios, New York City

Hot Wacks made a total mess of this entry, obviously mixing it up with another album and mixing up sides.

A copy of sides 2 & 3 of this TAKRL double album from 1976 (# 2982):

Dylan PO&RT

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