First cover version:

Lennon-Hendrix Day Tripper Jam

Lennon Daytripper Jam 2

Lennon Daytripper Jam 5

Second issue cover (Instant Analysis 1056):

Lennon Daytripper Jam 3

Lennon Daytripper Jam 4

Released ca. early 1975

Side 1: Give Peace A Chance (“listed as “Holland” and described in HW as “Exm” (the song was not written until later, so the Montreal “bed in” is the likely source)/ Interview – What’s The New Mary Jane? ‘Exm’ (an upgrade?)/  Day Tripper (Jimi Hendrix on BBC’s, Top Gear, 15 Dec 1967 “poor mono” John Lennon not present, officially released on JH BBC Sessions)/ God Save Us (pirate of Apple 45 # 1835, ‘Exm’)
Side 2: The Luck Of The Irish/ Attica State ‘Gm’ (both songs could be from the David Frost TV Show, rec. 16 January 1972 or again from the ‘john sinclair freedom rally in Ann Arbor, December 1971) / Imagine (Jerry Lewis Telethon, 6 September 1972, ‘Vgm’, 1st ever release)/ Give Peace A Chance  ‘Exm’ (unknown source)


Upon close inspection, the cover designs were actually more interesting than the musical content.


4438 Beatles  Hi Ho Silver!  was added to the TAKRL Hahst Az Sön entry that also lists the Sweet Apple Trax Instant Analysis doubles.


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