Beatles Cinelogue Six 3

Although they had released every Beatles film by now, Contraband wanted to release one more volume in the Cinelogue series by focusing on TV broadcasts (and assuming in the process that solo-Paul was synonymous with the Beatles name as disc 1 was simply a repackaging of their version of the James Paul McCartney special) .

Matrix: 4022 A-C & 3665 A

Side 1: Michelle/ Heart Of The Country/ Mary Had A Little Lamb/ Little Woman Love – C Moon/ My Love/ Uncle Albert/ Pub singalong scene (confirmed in the book Eight Arms To Hold You)
Side 2: Gotta Sing Gotta Dance/ Live And Let Die/ The Mess/ Maybe I’m Amazed/ Long Tall Sally/ Another Day (pirated 45)/ Yesterday (“Vgm”)

Disc 2 was a new creation of songs from Around The Beatles on side 3 and a reissue of side A of Lennon  McCartney, CBM 3665.

Side 3: Twist And Shout/ Roll Over Beethoven/ I Wanna Be Your Man/ Long Tall Sally/ Medley: Love Me Do; Please Please Me; From Me To You; She Loves You; I Want To Hold Your Hand; Can’t Buy Me Love/ Shout                                                                                                                                                 Recorded 19 April 1964, IBC Studios, London. These were new shortened versions for them to mime to during the filming. Hot Wacks rating “fair mono”, possibly first complete release of this material?)

Side 4: John Sinclair/Attica State/Oh Sisters/Luck Of The Irish (“Gm”, Ann Arbor, MI 10 December 1971 as part of the “John Sinclair Freedom Rally” from WTVS Detroit video feed)


In 1976, Wizardo Records releases their own version of the Around The Beatles recording:

Beatles Around TB 349

Also found with cat & dog labels plus probably the standard WRMB blue and red labels.

Beatles Around TB 349 col disc

Side 1: same tracks as on side 3 of CINELOGUE SIX

Side 2: 1966 Tour Interviews by WKLO Louisville, KY DJ Ken Douglas (a pirate of the Beatle Views interview LP – # BV-1966 “the hardest to find of all Beatles interview LPs”, which misspelled his last name)

Beatle Views lbl

Ken talking about his time with the Beatles in Interview Part One (from 8:30 onwards):

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