4030: PINK FLOYD ‘NORDESTAR’ / ‘IN CELEBRATION OF THE COMET’ / ‘the best of Tour 72’ :16-421/2

Pink Floyd Nordestar

Matrix: PF-4030 A/B; released in late 1974; another J.Fish design.

Source: Rainbow Theatre, London, 20 February 1972

Side 1: Breathe/ On The Run/ Time/ Breathe (Reprise)/ The Great Gig In The Sky         
Side 2: Money/ Us And Them/ Any Colour You Like/ Brain Damage/ Eclipse    

Quality rating: Very good mono, “Exs” in HOTWACKS, where it is listed under “COMWET” Records with a hint that this may be a copy of TAKRL’s In Celebration Of The Comet (# 1903). Time-wise, that would fit as the TAKRL title precedes this one and the degradation in quality would support this as well.


With Comet labels:

Pink Floyd Nordestar Comet 2


Other found labels:

PInk Floyd Nordestar 2

Pink Floyd ICot Comet

So, we have a likely lineage of the European vinyl The best of Tour 72 (16-421/422) (black & white pigs cover) as the source, copied by TAKRL and then copied from there by Contraband.

Pink Floyd best of Tour 72

Pink Floyd best of Tour 72 b

1st pressing: No text on front cover and no track list and mentioning of “Rainbow” on the back. Laminated sleeve on heavy card stock with thick and heavy vinyl. Blue label with silver writing “We did it for you”. Very small writing for the matrix: 16-421/2

Pink Floyd best of Tour 72 lbl

2nd pressing: Non-laminated cover, otherwise identical cover design but larger writing for the matrix. User labels:

Later re-pressings: “PINK FLOYD LIVE” added to front cover and a track listing and “Recorded live at the Rainbow” added. New matrix of KDBO 1034 A/B (72 A/B exists as well for pressings that used grey on black KDBO labels).

Due to the many re-pressings, some of the pressing plates were still being used even after having been worn out and later pressings may sound worse.

Pink Floyd best of Tour 72 KDBO

Pink Floyd best of Tour 72 Rainbow


Two more sources exist but none sound as good as what ended up on the original early pressings of the European first release.

. rec1 taped ONLY the entire 2nd set (OotD / CwtAE / Echoes / Blues / ASoS / StC)
. rec2 taped almost the entire show, cutting off over ASoS and missing StC
. rec3 is the all time called SBD but it’s audience really, only taped Eclipse suite (only that?)
rec1: MASTER > MD taped by Steve B. / 2nd set, Eclipse wasn’t taped     EX-/VG+         80:37m
rec2: 1st GENERATION taped by J. Baxter / cuts out in ASoS     VG+/EX-    112:29m
rec3: The best of Tour 72 LP 1st pressing mint     EX+   41:48m


pink_floyd_flyer_72 Tour

Rainbow 72 PF --F-&-B-cover

The free 12 page program given out at the concerts.

1972-02-00 Rainbow Theatre

Complete set list was:

01 Heart Beat Intro (Speak To Me)
02 Breathe
03 Travel Sequence
04 Time
05 Breathe (reprise)
06 Mortality Sequence (Ecclesiastes)
07 Money
08 Us And Them
09 Any Colour You Like
10 Brain Damage
11 Eclipse
Set 2
* Tune Ups
12 One Of These Days
13 Tune Ups
14 Careful With That Axe, Eugene
15 Tune Ups
16 Echoes/Encore Break
* Audience Requests/Tune Ups
17 A Saucerful Of Secrets
18 Something Different (Blues)
* Encore Break/Audience Requests
19 Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

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