TMoQ cover- version 1:

McCartney JPM 2

McCartney JPM 3

McCartney JPM

TMoQ cover- version 2:

McCartney JPM design 1 II

McCartney JPM design 1 lbl

Released in 1974, Matrix #: 1882

Side 1: Big Barn Bed/ My Little Woman Love-C Moon/ The Mess/ Maybe I’m Amazed/ Long Tall Sally
Side 2: Another Day/ Oh Woman Oh Why (pirate of the official 45, Apple 1829)/ Hi Hi Hi (pirate of official 45, Apple 1857)/ Gotta Sing Gotta Dance/ Live And Let Die/ Medley: Blackbird – Bluebird – Michelle; Heart Of The Country/ Yesterday (faded out)

Two websites claim that the first or all of the tracks on side one are a re-release of the Live In Scotland material but I believe that to be incorrect. Side 1 is an edit of most of the Wings performances from segments 1, 4 and 10, as listed below. Side two has segments 7, 8 and 11.

Paul McCartney spent February of 1973 in Morocco (staying at the hotel Mamounia in Marrakesh) planning this TV special, presenting Paul as the ‘all-around’ entertainer but falling somewhat short in the end. Broadcast date was 16 April 1973 in the US.


JPM TVguide

Part 1
The program opens with a live performance by Wings in front of an audience of television screens. – Song: “Big Barn Bed”


Part 2
An acoustic medley of songs is performed by McCartney during a photographic session with his wife Linda as the photographer. – Songs: “Blackbird”, “Bluebird”, “Michelle”, “Heart of the Country”


Part 3
A short music video style performance set in an outdoor location. – Song: “Mary Had a Little Lamb”

Part 4
A television studio performance with Wings and orchestra in front of a live audience.
Songs: “Little Woman Love”, “C Moon”, “My Love”

Part 5
Another music video segment, this time for “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey”, however the “Admiral Halsey” section was not included in the final broadcast version. – Song: “Uncle Albert”

Part 6
A short voice-over from Mcartney introduces the next segment set in the Clelsea Reach public house near Liverpool. This features members of Paul’s family and Wings in a pub singalong
Songs: “April Showers”, “Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit-Bag”, “You Are My Sunshine”

JPM Pub singalong

Part 7
A Busby Berkeley style musical number, featuring dancers dressed in half-man/half-woman costumes. Song: “Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance”

Part 8
A music video segment were Paul introduces “Live And Let Die”, the title theme from the 1973 James Bond movie. – Song: “Live and Let Die”

Part 9
Beatles Medley: a filmed segment with street passers-by singing various Beatles songs (off key) to comedic effect. – Songs: “When I’m 64”, “A Hard Day’s Night”, “Can’t Buy Me Love”, “She Loves You”, “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da”, “Yesterday”, “Yellow Submarine”

Part 10
Another live studio performance with Wings. – Songs: “The Mess”, “Maybe I’m Amazed”, “Long Tall Sally” (US broadcast only; the UK and other European market replaced this with “Hi, Hi, Hi”)

Part 11
A live acoustic performance of “Yesterday”. Credits roll over the performance.
Song: “Yesterday”.


The West coast Berkeley label released this title as well in their pre-Berkeley days (and removed the pig face from the circle):

McCartney JPM Berk

Matrix number 2028

McCartney My Love

And one more time under this title with a b&w cover post-1975.


Meanwhile, on the East coast:

McCartney JPM v1

McCartney JPM KK

Released in 1974; Matrix 4022 A/B

Contraband copied TMoQ’s cover art but they produced their own edit of the source tape (which then no longer matched the cover track listing), cutting down the number of pirated material significantly and making this the better version (unless you just had to have “Blackbird-Bluebird” and “Big Barn Bed”):

Side 1: Michelle/ Heart Of The Country/ Mary Had A Little Lamb/ Little Woman Love – C Moon/ My Love/ Uncle Albert/ Pub singalong scene (confirmed in the book Eight Arms To Hold You)
Side 2: Gotta Sing Gotta Dance/ Live And Let Die/ The Mess/ Maybe I’m Amazed/ Long Tall Sally/ Another Day (pirated 45)/ Yesterday


McCartney JPM JL 513

The producers of the JL series in Japan seemed to agree that this was the superior version as they selected this one to be released as JL 513


In early 1976, Wizardo offered a third and perhaps least bang-for-your-buck version of this material:

Wings Gotta Sing Gotta Dance Secret 4

Wings Secret

Side 1: Big Barn Bed/ Little Woman Love – C Moon / The Mess/ Maybe I m Amazed/ Long Tall Sally/ Gotta Sing Gotta Dance / Live And Let Die
Side 2: Now Hear This Song Of Mine-Let s Go; Woman Oh Why; The Mess (live); Country Dreamer; I Lie Around

Side 1 is parts 1, 4, 10, 7 & 8 from the TV special. Side 2 copies the Brung To Ewe by scarce 1971 promo vinyl with pirated Apple single B-sides (#s1829, 1861, 1863 and 1869); the official material earning the album an “Exm” rating in Hot Wacks.  An ebay seller wrote: “In-between the studio tracks are short segments of a song Paul wrote to promote his “RAM” album.”


In the 1980’s, this LP on a label that borrowed its name from the Wings fan club publication offered the most complete version of the event and is still listed as the recommended source in Eight Arms…:

McCartney JPM C S

McCartney JPM C S b

Side 1: Big Barn Bed (4:45)/ Blackbird (0:37) – Bluebird (1:20) – Michelle (1:11) – Heart Of The Country (0:46)/ Mary Had A Little Lamb (3:43)/ Little Woman Love – C Moon (2:39)/ My Love (4:28)/ Uncle Albert (2:28)

Side 2: Gotta Sing Gotta Dance (4:10)/Live And Let Die (3:53)/The Mess (4:15)/ Maybe I’m Amazed (3:43)/ Long Tall Sally (2:19)/ Yesterday (3:14)


If anyone has ever done a quality comparison of these titles or knows where I can find one, do let me know.

  1. Terry said:

    The fist bootleg I ever bought way back when was a copy of the Berkeley issue of James Paul McCartney. The cover looks like the one shown except that what’s black on that cover is pink on mine. The disc is a thick, black platter with blank labels and the sound is fantastic – much better than any of the postings of music from the TV special that I’ve found online.

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