Beatles Cinelogue V MMT

Released ca. 1974. Matrix numbers: MM 1028 A/B/C/D

Side 1: (12’40”)

0′ 00″     Magical Mystery Tour – opening theme, and shots of the coach.
1′ 05″     “When a man buys a ticket …”
2′ 25″     Ringo and Aunt Jessie board the coach
5′ 45″     Fool On The Hill
8′ 40″     “Good Morning Miss Winters”
9′ 09″     Mellotron music – with coach scenes
9′ 35″     “As the bus leaves the town everything begins to change …”
10′ 04″     Army recruitment scene (with Sgt. Spinetti and Major McCartney) – 12’40”

Side 2: (12’18”)

12′ 40″     Family sports day, including Tug-of-war, with
She Love’s You playing on a fairground organ.
13′ 35″     “The Marathon” – Ringo drives the coach.
17′ 33″     Back on the coach – Flying.
19′ 35″     “Far above the clouds, four or five magicians …”
“Where’s the bus ??”
21′ 00″     “10 miles north on the Dewsbury road”
22′ 00″     Jessie’s dream – Mr. Bloodvessel with All My Loving being played by a string quartet. – 24’58”

Side 3: (15’37”)

24′ 58″     I Am The Walrus
29′ 35″     “Two little dicky birds” – John entertains Nicola on the coach
31′ 08″     Jessie’s dream – In the restaurant.
34′ 53″     “There’s no business like show business”, john sings as they all enter a small tent.
36′ 46″     Blue Jay Way – 40′ 35″

Side 4: (11’53”)

40′ 35″     Back on the bus
41′ 21″     “What are the magicians cooking up now ?”
“10 miles north on the Dewsbury road”.
42′ 12″     A sing-a-long on the coach, including:
I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts
Toot Toot Tootsie, Goodbye
The Happy Wanderer
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
44′ 45″     “Gentlemen follow Mr. Johnson, ladies stay with me.”
45′ 10″     The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band – Death Cab For Cutie
46′ 00″     A stripper from the Raymond Revue Bar
48′ 10″     Your Mother Should Know
50′ 35″     Magical Mystery Tour with credits.
51′ 42″     “And that was a Magical Mystery Tour, I told you … Goodbye.
51′ 50”     Hello Goodbye (fade-out only) – 52′ 28″

Beatles MMT

Beatles MMT b+w

Wizardo tried to offer more in 1975 by squeezing all 52 minutes onto one disc. Although “I Am The walrus” is listed at the start of side B it did not make it. Sides C & D present a hodgepodge of tracks taken from earlier Contraband titles plus two Pete Best 45s:

Side C: Mean Mr. Mustard/ All Together On The Wireless Machine/ Step Inside Love/ Nice Time (Kenny Everett, listed as “Bye Bye Bye”)/ Peace Of Mind/ Miss Ann-Kansas City-Lawdy Miss Clawdy/ What’s The New Mary Jane

Side D: The Way I Feel About You/ If You Can’t Get Her/ Boys/ Kansas City-Hey Hey Hey Hey! (last 4 songs: Pete Best)/ People Say/ I’m Walking (“John & Paul” 45)/ I’ll Be On My Way Soldier Of Love/ George phone interview w/Ed Rudy/ Tony Barrow interview w/Jerry G. Bishop

Hot Wacks quality rating: “Gm” for sides A, B & D and “poor mono” for side C.


The two Pete Best singles that were pirated on side D:

HA 1117/8, released in 1966


C-391, released December 1965


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