3948: The Rolling Stones ‘lord have mercy’

Rolling Stones Lord Have Mercy

Rolling Stones lord have mercy yel lbl

Side 1: Mercy Mercy/ She Said Yeah/ Play With Fire/ Spider and the Fly/ I’m Alright/ Time Is On My Side/ *Roll Over Beethoven

L’Olympia, Paris, 29 March 1966, 2nd show. * European Tour 1970.

Side 2: + Memo From Turner/ – 2120 South Michigan Avenue/ ~ Ride On Baby/ ^ Bye Bye Johnny

+ Olympic Sound, November, 1968. – Chess Studios, June 10-11, 1964. ~ RCA Studios, December 6-10, 1965. ^ De Lane Lea Studios, London, November 14, 1963.

Comments from rollingstonesnet.com: “Side 1 is a copy of the TMoQ LP “Play With Fire” Matrix: 2815-A/B [also Highway Hi Fi HHCER 108].

Rolling Stones PlayWithFire

Memo From Turner on Side 2 is a genuine outtake that would only resurface some twenty years later in better quality on “The Black Box” on the Yellow Dog label (disc 2 track 15).  2120 South Michigan Avenue is the long version that includes Keith’s guitar solo. Ride On Baby is a mono demo version that is missing additional instrumentation found in the released version. Bye Bye Johnny is the “More Hot Rocks” version. I checked twelve shows from the 1970 European Tour and I’m not able to place this version of Roll Over Beethoven! The “marker” for the song comes just before the instrumental break where Jagger says “Alright, yeah come-on baby”. It’s definitely not Paris, 1970 as some might have you believe.”


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