3795: The Beatles ‘SWEDEN 1963’

Beatles Sweden 1963 large

Released in July of 1973

Beatles Sweden 1963

Beatles Sweden 1963 orig lbl

Also available with colored pirate logo and white labels (the latter need to be differentiated from the Japan copy seen below).

Beatles Sweden 1963 JL 525

Japan copy JL 525


Another bootleg vinyl world premiere, brought to you by Contraband Records: The Beatles on Swedish radio (and excerpts from their BBC radio program From Us To You # 2), as recorded on 24 October at Karlaplansstudio in Stockholm for a radio program known as Pop ’63. It would take until 1981’s Airtime before an upgrade would become available. It should be noted that this tape contains the only ‘live before an audience’ version of “You Really Got A Hold On Me” as well as the group playing through Fender amps, instead of Vox’s [their equipment was late].

Karlaplan Studio

The interior of Karlaplan studio a few years prior to the Beatles’ performance (no image of them recording the program exists).

Beatles Pop '63 SWE radio

Listing of the Beatles broadcast on 11 November 1963 from Röster i Radio-TV, the former Swedish Broadcasting Corporation’s weekly television and radio program magazine.

Side 2: From Us To You # 2, recorded on 28 February 1964 at BBC Piccadilly Studios in London. another “Bank Holiday Beatles Special”, this time hosted by Alan Freeman. Early 1964 saw them move away from treating these BBC radio performances as mini live concerts with unrecorded songs as a bonus. Now overdubs were added and gone were the cover songs – unless they had been recorded. Parts of this program were archived by the BBC on a one sided 12″ record (Kevin Howlett who wrote The Beatles At The BBC, claims it was the only program to survive on a vinyl disc). Page 168 of my first edition of Way Beyond Compare states that the songs from that session included here as tracks 3 – 6 “were bootlegged in very good quality on the LP Mary Jane [in 1973].” I believe, this is an error and the correct statement should read “…on the LP Sweden 1963“.


Beatles Holland Sweden Beatles Holland Sweden SH

King Kong/Shalom 8430/3795A

Side 1 is actually “Sweden” – a re-release of side 1 of WEC-3795, incorrectly attributed to their performance on the Swedish TV show Drop In on 30 October ’63 – side 2 looks like a misidentified 1964 US Tour concert excerpt. The track list for that side is: She Loves You / All My loving / Twist & Shout / Roll Over Beethoven / Long Tall Sally / Can’t Buy Me Love

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FE1vKRrtVXI   [the Sweden radio performance in excellent quality]

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