The Beatles at the Paris Palais des Sports – 1965

Beatles Live Paris Olympia first

Beatles LParis O SH lbl

Beatles Live Paris Olymp yellow lbl

Beatles Live Paris Olympia Japan copy JL 526

Above: Made in Japan copy JL-526


Shalom Records 3688, rated as “Satisfactory mono” in Hot Wacks and “good quality” in Way Beyond Compare.

In 1973, this was the first release of the evening show and of any material from these two performances on 20 June 1965. Not only did France’s Europe 1 radio station air the show live  ((9.00-11.00 pm) titled “Les Beatles (en direct du Palais des Sports)”), French TV channel 2 videotaped the whole show. It was eventually shown on 31 October1965 from 7.30 – 8.00 pm in a program simple titled “Les Beatles”. As that broadcast presented the concert in a re-sequenced and edited form, the bootleg was obviously derived from the video soundtrack.

The original song order at both shows and throughout the 1965 European Tour was:

Twist And Shout
She’s A Woman                                                                                                                                                    I’m A Loser                                                                                                                                                          Can’t Buy Me Love                                                                                                                                             Baby’s In Black                                                                                                                                                          I Wanna Be Your Man                                                                                                                                              A Hard Day’s Night                                                                                                                                     Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby                                                                                                                     Rock And Roll Music
I Feel Fine
Ticket To Ride
Long Tall Sally


In 1974, Contraband were the first lable to issued the afternoon show from 20 June ’65 but misidentified it as the late show:

Beatles Paris SP

Also available with red pirate and King Kong labels. Cover photo shows the Beatles on stage at the Winter Gardens in Margate, UK, in July of 1963.

Beatles Paris SP detail

The first show had also been recorded by Europe 1 and broadcast on 27 June (1.00-2.00 pm) in the series Musicorama. Someone in France managed to hold on to their off-air tape copy into the early 70s and it eventually ended up in the hands of Contraband.

This old vinyl bootleg is still the only source for the complete song introductions, as apparently, the Europe 1 master tapes are unavailable . Fair/satisfactory quality overall, “marred by high-frequency interference”.


Beatles Italy Paris SLCS 3

‘ITALY / PARIS’ is a release on the King Kong sub label from ca. 1975, with the matrix numbers 4178A / 3688 A and is described as “S1: S1 of  ‘Paris’  [late show]  S2: S1 of ‘ITALY’


Beatles Paris SP JL 519

Japan copy JL-519 ( see number in bottom right corner)


In 1976, Wizardo copied this title twice as WRMB 335. First, as a straight copy of CBM LPPA 77:

Beatles Paris 335

Then, a second version under a slightly changed title (and with photos from Munich 1966) by combining most of both shows on one discs:

Beatles Paris '65

Side 1: Twist And Shout / She’s A Woman / Ticket To Ride / Can’t Buy Me Love / I’m A Loser / A Hard Day’s Night / Baby’s In Black / Rock And Roll Music / Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby / Long Tall Sally

Side 2: Twist And Shout / She’s A Woman / I’m A Loser / I Wanna Be Your Man / A Hard Day’s Night / Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby / Rock And Roll Music / I Feel Fine / Ticket To Ride / Long Tall Sally

Of the available material, side 1 left out “I Wanna Be Your Man” (the broadcast only included the very end of “I Feel Fine”, so it could never be listed as a full song), while Side 2 left out “Can’t Buy Me Love” and “Baby’s In Black”.

This album was available on black or multicolored vinyl and with the standard blue or the green “El’ Wizardo” Mexico label:

Beatles Paris 65 blue lbl

green Mexico lbl


Around 1979 or soon after, Ruthless Rhymes re-issued this material from the same sources for the last time:

Beatles Paris Sports Palais

It would then take until 1986, before most of this material was upgraded from new sources significantly closer to the masters on the fantastic A Paris double album.


Beatles Paris p d sp

Beatles live in palais des sport '65

The evening show.

The Beatles European Tour

Backstage in Lyon on the 22nd


Link to scans from Melody Maker, 26 June 1965 edition with a review of the Paris shows:

  1. Todd said:

    I remember buying the Shalom release back in the early 80’s, and it was to this day the worst sounding bootleg I’ve ever encountered. Eventually I got these shows in immaculate sound, but this release sounded like it was recorded from the Moon!!!

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