Rolling Stones Hyde Park July 1969

This album was brought to you by Wisconsin Cheese Records – It’s the Cheese! Brian Jones makes a ghost-like appearance on the cover on the left.

Rolling Stones Hyde Park lbl a

Rolling Stones Hyde Park lbl b

Rolling Stones Hyde Park later

Rolling Stones Hype Park small insert

Rolling Stones Hyde Park 2

Rolling Stones Hyde Park KK

Side 1: Eulogy for Brian Jones (from Shelly’s “Adonias”)/ I’m Yours and I’m Hers (listed as Lemon Squeezer)/ Jumpin’ Jack Flash / Mercy Mercy / Stray Cat Blues / No Expectations

Side 2: I’m Free / Down Home Girl / Love In Vain / Loving Cup (listed as Give Me a Drink (Loving Cup))/ Honky Tonk Women

Matrix: WC 3689-A / WC 3689-B

The following comments are from rollingstonesnet.com: “Audience (not Granada TV source) of the Hyde Park free concert, July 5, 1969. This is the original issue of this performance released sometime between 1973 and 1975 [1973 seems to be the year it first appeared]. One of the Top Three WORST sounding bootlegs of all time [Hot Wacks gave it a “Gm”, so this may be an exaggeration]. Rates with “Eight By Five” LP which is the audience source of Honolulu, 1966, and every recording you can find of The Hague, April 15, 1967 including VGP’s “Groovin’ Around”!

Note: There are versions of this LP that circulate the with incorrect artist on the LP. The artist is an obscure psychedelic/hard rock band from Baltimore called “The Orange Wedge”. “

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