3669: THE WHO ‘collector’s item’ / ‘LIVE!’

The Who Collector's Item 2The Who Collector's Item 3

Liner notes of the bootleg CD Collector’s Item: “Very few excellent quality audience tapes exist of the
1971 Who’s Next tour. The best were Chicago and Dayton. Unlike the Chicago tape, only part of the concert ever appeared, and that was on a rare LP that has been unavailable for over a quarter of a century. The tape never surfaced in any collectors circles, making the LP a true collectors item. ”

The Who [& Wishbone Ash]
13th August 1971
Hara Arena – Dayton, Ohio

A complete recording from a different recorder was eventually shared via a torrent site for live recordings in November of 2010:

Set list (bold tracks were released in the 1970’s on the vinyl albums):

01 – Love Ain’t For Keeping
02 – Pure and Easy
03 – My Wife
04 – I Can’t Explain
05 – Substitute
06 – Bargain
07 – Behind Blue Eyes
08 – Won’t Get Fooled Again
09 – Don’t Know Myself
10 – Baby Don’t You Do It
11 – Pinball Wizard
12 – See Me Feel Me
13 – My Generation
14 – Magic Bus (Fades Out)

Stage Banter by Tom Pratt.

Who Dayton OH


The original taper sent this to me as is, with fades between each track. I believe the show, except for the end of Magic Bus, is complete, including all banter.

The note on the homemade jewel case insert provided by the trader says “Transfer to CD from original concert tape.”

Some notes from the taper:

“If I remember right we were about 6 rows off the floor just right of center that night. I had no luck on the floor trying to tape, it gets muffled and I had the tape player knocked from my hands plus a lot of noise from movement.”

“It has a small stereo condenser mic built in, but in the concert hall setting it doesn’t make much difference. I re-EQed it because the output from tape to CD was a low volume. Also the left side always recorded lower than the right (tape head alignment I imagine), so the right channel was panned slightly to the left to balance the image. This may have caused a little phase sound.”

“It wasn’t until a little over a year ago that I bought a audio CD recorder thinking that I should preserve the original concert tapes I have collected over the years. Being a musician I had a nice 4-track to play and manipulate the original tapes.”

“It wasn’t until I heard about John Entwistle’s death right before the kick off of the new tour that I thought about sharing the bootleg.”

Volume level drops for a couple seconds 3 minutes into WGFA. Tape glitch 30 seconds into PW.


It would be nice to do a “Battle of the Bootleg Labels” for this one and find out who issued this first. Berkley Records issued this with three different cover designs (unless the last two b&w examples are merely front and back of the same release):

The original as mentioned in the reader’s message below (sold for $14.99 just recently, as it is a virtually unknown release):

Who LIVE! c.item

Who LIVE! c.item b

Who LIVE! c.item detail

Who LIVE! c.item lbl 1

Who LIVE! c.item lbl 2


Berkeley 2299 ‘collector’s item’ / ‘LIVE!’ / THE WHO

The Who Collector's Item 2

The Who Collector's Item

The Who CI inner

The typical early Berkeley cover inner sleeve design

B&w deluxe cover version:

The Who

The Who Live!

back cover of the item above this one.


And the the third label releasing this title is this one listed under the matrix # 79026 only:

Who Collector's Item v. 3

Who Collector's Item b

thewho.net writes: “This is apparently also available in stereo on a European version of this LP.”. This statement is probably based on the comment found in Hot Wacks but does this version actually exist?


A reader sent in the following [many thanks!]:

The original version was in a blue laminated jacket with blue labels with printed track listings [as shown above].  There are allegedly 500 pressed by someone in the Cincinnati area shortly after the concert.  I saw both this and Neil Young & Crazy Horse Collector’s Item in a record store in Muncie, Indiana in late October of 1971.  The originals were of better quality than the numerous later copies.  Also, the complete tape now in circulation of the Who Dayton 1971 show was from a different audience recorder than the one that captured the one used for the boot LP.  The two recordings are of similar quality, but the complete tape lacks the crowd noise that the bootleg version has.  Obviously there were loud kids near the taper of the bootleg LP.

This is the Neil Young release mentioned above. Could there be a connection there?

Young N Collector's Item

  1. Erik T said:

    Great Who show, I didn’t know the full version was from a different tape, but I never did have the l.p. I had one of the Chicago shows from the August 71 tour on cassette but it wasn’t nearly as good as this new Dayton recording. I wonder if information about the Neil Cincinnati tape might be found elsewhere along with info about Ludlow’s Garage, a local venue from where soundboard tapes were made of Santana in September 69 and of the Allman Brothers in 1970-71, since released officially.
    The artwork is very similar with respect to these 2 boots, including the running times on the labels, more than the length of the songs added up, makes me think the same person(s) released them.
    I didn’t know early Berkeley Records had blank gatefold covers. I have a copy of the Rolling Stones Winter Tour, a classic indeed, with the Stout cover reprinted, deluxe gatefold with nothing inside, and the same incomplete inside sleeves.
    I have however wondered if Berkeley was behind Coral Records’ original version of Bruce Springsteen live at the Bottom Line- a great album for its time that got CBS Records mad. The back cover art is sure similar to what Berkeley would ultimately use as their standard template for cover art. The gatefold has a picture inside, nice package for the era.

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