Beatles L.S. BB

Beatles L.S. BB red

Beatles L.S. BB 1st ed 2

Beatles L.S. BB 1st ed

Release date: 1973

Contraband’s companion piece to Have You Heard The Word, with most of the tracks originating from the Let It Be soundtrack. This marked the debut of a Beatles Decca audition track on any medium, illegal or not. One theory put forward about how this song might have been obtained is that it came from a tape of eight of the Decca audition songs the Beatles had given to Astrid Kirchherr around 11 April of 1962 upon their return to Hamburg, the day after Stuart Sutcliff’s passing. Kirchherr gave the tape to a friend of hers a year later.

Side 1: L.S. Bumble Bee (original 45 by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, 1967) / Don’t Let Me Down; Maxwell s Silver Hammer; Two Of Us (fast version); I’ve Got A Feeling; Oh Darling; Too Bad About Sorrows; One After 909; Across The Universe; I Dig A Pony 

Side 2: Save The Last Dance For Me; Don’t Let Me Down / Suzie Parker / Yesterday (Ed Sullivan Show September 12 1965, taped August 14 1965) / Love Of The Loved (extended edit, Decca audition, January 1 1962, satisfactory mono) / Hey Jude Rehearsal (‘Experiment in TV 1968) / All You Need Is Love (worldwide telecast of ‘Our World’ June 25 1967)

Rated “Exm” in Hot Wacks.

Beatles L.S. BB disc lbl

Beatles L.S. BB blank lbl

Beatles L.S. BB stripe lbl

Additional versions include blank labels in different colors, labels with pirate logo and inserts in photocopied appearance.


Beatles Bumble Words SSS 3

The later reissue on King Kong/Instant Analysis.


L.S. Bumble Bee

The actual record. The flip side was a track called “The Bee side”…

Dudley Moore wrote a letter on 15th December 1981 in which he said:

“Regarding “The L.S. Bumble Bee”, Peter Cook and I recorded that song about the time when there was so much fuss about L.S.D., and when everybody thought that “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” was a reference to drugs. The exciting alternative offered to the world was L.S.B.!, and I wrote the music to, in some ways, satirize the Beach Boys rather than the Beatles. But I’m grateful if some small part of the world thinks that it may have been them, rather than us !”

Lennon + Peter Cook 66

Peter Cook and John Lennon appearing in “Not Only… But Also”, 28 November 1966


Beatles last photo session 1Beatles last photo session 2

From the Beatles last photo session on 22 August 1969 at Tittenhurst Park.

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