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Next month will see the re-issue of the Wings Over America set and the fans willing to dig deep will be thrown a bone here: “Fans and hardcore devotees alike will be especially thrilled with the stunning four-book, four-disc (3CD, 1DVD) Deluxe Edition Box Set. The box set’s superior audio and video include the two-disc ‘Wings over America’ album remastered at Abbey Road, a bonus audio disc recorded live at San Francisco’s Cow Palace…”

The rumored track list for the bonus CD is:

CD3 (Deluxe box only, recorded live at the Cow Palace in San Francisco)
1. Let Me Roll It
2. Maybe I’m Amazed
3. Lady Madonna
4. Live And Let Die
5. Picasso’s Last Words
6. Bluebird
7. Blackbird
8. Yesterday

It would have been a fan’s dream to get a complete show from the same gig, start to finish, warts and all, but we know it is too much too hope for. I do wonder why they picked this recording out of all the complete shows they captured on tape (all 31 of them). And the question is – as Wings played two shows at the Cow Palace in Daly City, which show do these tracks come from or are they a mix of both nights?

June 13 1976:

Wings 505

The first night at te Cow Palace exists as a “very good audience tape”. Extracts could be heard for the first time on this 3 LP box set. However, only four songs were included as Wizardo chose to present parts of seven Wings concerts spanning the years 1973 – 76: Let Me Roll It, Maybe I’m Amazed, Silly Love Songs and Soily. The complete concert has been released on a bootleg 2CD set since then.

Wings box

The second night exists as a “good audience recording” and Wizardo decided to forgo the better sounding source and release 9 tracks on the single album Wings Over Frisco:

Side 1:  My Love / Letting Go  / Silly Love Songs  / Time To Hide  / You Gave Me The Answer         
Side 2:  Let Em In / Listen To What The Man Said / Beware My Love / Hi Hi Hi / Interview    

When comparing with the order in which the songs had actually been played, there was a bit of reshuffling:

Venus And Mars
Rock Show
Let Me Roll It
Spirits Of Ancient Egypt
Medicine Jar
Maybe I’m Amazed
Call Me Back Again
Lady Madonna
The Long And Winding Road
Live And Let Die
Picasso’s Last Words (Drink To Me)
Richard Cory
I’ve Just Seen A Face
You Gave Me The Answer
Magneto And Titanium Man
Go Now
My Love
Listen To What The Man Said
Let ‘Em In
Time To Hide
Silly Love Songs
Beware My Love
Letting Go
Band On The Run
Hi Hi Hi


As a result: Wings Over Frisco remains still core and we may get an official release for two songs on the Wings box set (Let Me Roll It & Maybe I’m Amazed)- or we may not. Whatever the case may be, it will remain core anyway for the San Diego and Chicago recordings that can only be found there. The WRMB 500 series were one of the final titles produced, were not re-issued many times like the Idle Mind Wings From The Wings box was, were not copied by others (to the best of my knowledge) and are quite rare these days.

I just hope that the bonus audio CD will not share its title with the bootleg, as only out of town folks call it “Frisco”. For those that live there – or used to, like myself – it is simply “the city”.

Wings Over Frisco

Wings Over Frisco lbl

Wings-Wings-OA-Cow Palace

  1. guidopop said:

    Hi there, I got this record (“bill graham presents: wings over frisco – june 14, 1976″wizardo records – live recordings – wrmb 503) by accident. Now I wonder, if it’s a rare one (seems so) and how valuable it is? Can anybody answer that question? thanx!

    • All the 500 series releases are on the rare side as they were never re-pressed and as few as several hundred may have been made. In the end it comes down to the condition of the actual record (those willing to pay the most will be very picky) and the price you can achieve when listing it. The fact that the Wings Over America box set includes a “Live in San Francisco” CD may have clipped the exclusivity of the boot somewhat.

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