3609 + 4749/4750: The BEATLES! on ‘GAMMA ALPHA RECORDS’ / ‘STARS OF ’63’ + ‘BEFORE THEIR TIME’

Beatles Gamma Alpha Beatles Gamma Alpha b

Containing all pirated content (pun intended), included just for completion purposes.


Before 1972, sound recordings were not subject to federal copyright in the United States. A company called Audio Tape Inc. out of New Jersey brazenly ran radio and TV ads from December 1972 to sell a 4LP set via mail order, called Alpha Omega, which consisted of recordings copied from Capitol and Apple vinyl – a true pirate release.

Beatles Alpha & Omega ad

Of course, pulling the tiger by the tail rarely fails to bring about a response and by February 16th 1973, Allen Klein slapped a $15m lawsuit on the above named company and ABC TV for airing the ads. On April 2nd, the Red and Blue official Apple/Capitol albums were available in the stores and Alpha Omega‘s claim to fame will forever be to have at least been partially responsible for these two best sellers.

Coming back to Contraband, this seems to have been their attempt at producing a poor man’s version of “a fabulous collector’s edition”. Fellow bootleg label Berkeley would put their purchased copy to excellent use – watch the next release in the 3000 series: # 3624 The Beatles ‘Have You Heard The Word’. 


Beatles Stars of '63

Beatles Stars of '63 b

A King Kong labeled pirate of the European version of the official Lingasong/Bellaphon double Live! at the Star-Club in Hamburg, Germany; 1962 [the US version excluded four songs from this version and added four others]. Proof that CBM was still in business in mid-1977.

A single version was released as:

Beatles Before Their Time

Beatles Before Their Time b

Cover lists tracks for sides 3 & 4 but record contains sides 1 & 2 states Hot Wacks.


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