Dylan Help 6

Image above shows the size of the original slip sheet. It was later reduced in size at the left & right borders. Below: Labels found with this early version.

Dylan Help 6 lbls

Other versions:

Dylan Help 3

Changed slip sheet, more text plus pirate logo.

Dylan Help 4


Side 1: Handsome Molly / Acne (first 2 songs: Riverside Church, July ’61) / Gypsy Lou (Whitmark Demos, 1961) / Love minus 0-No Limit (Concert for Bangladesh, afternoon show)/ Help! (not Bob Dylan but Family Frog 45 WW-274, released in July of 1968)

Side 2: God On Our Side (Joan Baez & Bob Dylan)  /  Ye Playboys & Playgirls (Pete Seger & Bob Dylan) (First 2 songs: Newport folk Festival with Pete Seeger and Joan Baez, July 1963) / She’s Your Lover Now (outtake, w. the Band, October ’65) / Sitting On A Barbed Wire Fence (‘Highway ’61’ outtake 1965 ) / She Belongs To Me (‘Bringing it all back home’ outtake January ’65)

LP matrix: 3587

4 star rating

bobsboots.com states this came out in 1975. I wish they had listed how they had arrived at this conclusion – I assume they are simply quoting the Great White Answers Dylan vinyl bootleg bible – I would say this came out in 1973.

When King Kong re-issued the album, they changed the cover design. bobsboots states this happened in 1978.  I would say that this happened years before that date as King Kong and Instant Analysis releases were typically produced around 1975.

Dylan Help 2

Dylan Help

This single track had already been included on a Dutch 1970 2 LP bootleg called help.

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