3586 + 3436: JETHRO TULL ‘Baltimore And Around – November 1972’

Jethro Tull Baltimore

Release date: December 1972 or early 1973. One can the same style for the cover design as used for the previous Beatles title: one color b&w image with title in very small font size. This is the listing referred to as simply November in Hot Wacks.

Source for side 1: Baltimore Civic Center, 12 November 1972

Side 1: The Play (Das Spiel) / The Bomb In The Dressing-Room [aka No Rehearsal]*/ Thick As A Brick 

Side 2: A reissue of the ticketron side 2 master: Thick As A Brick / Cross-eyed Mary / A New Day Yesterday / Aqualung

You wonder why Contraband made the decision of only releasing half a side from Baltimore and coupling it with something they had already put out just a few months ago.

Side 1 rated as “Acceptable (1-3)” and side 2 as “Very Good (4-6)”

* “The performances between fall 1972 and spring 1973, following their D’Herouville disaster, were filled with numerous musical surprises and confundities – especially since they were playing tracks live that they had previously scrapped. For example, at the Baltimore Civic Center show on November 12, 1972, two aborted Chateau D’Herouville tracks, “The Play (Das Spiel)” and “The Bomb In The Dressing Room (aka No Rehearsal) were played in a medley leading into “Thick As A Brick”.”


Jethro Tull Baltimore And Around.2


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