3436: JETHRO TULL ‘ticketro/n – U.S. Tour April 1972’ / ‘us tour’ / ‘TICKETRON’ :TMoQ 73015

Now, here’s an album that has been creeping out of the wood works lately. As I’m writing this, a reasonably good copy is available for the Buy It Now price of $11.99!


1. “ticketro” spelling:

Jethro Tull ticketro 2

2. “ticketron” with what appears to be a large insert and picture labels – probably the original issue. Note how the cover image has much more depth and detail compared to the slip sheet versions – even in this mediocre quality image:

Jethro Tull ticketron

3. Insert cover and with blank labels:

Jethro tull ticketron 3

4: Insert cover and with classic CBM labels… and variations of all of these:

Jethro tull ticketron disc A

Jethro tull ticketron disc B

Jethro Tull ticketron 4

Jethro Tull ticketron 2

Side A: JTA Scope 3436-A
Side B: JTB Scope (3426?) 3436B

Venue & date: Scope Norfolk, Virginia, April 22nd, 1972

01 Thick as a Brick (Part 1) (22:30)
02 Cross Eyed Mary (3:36)
03 A New Day Yesterday (11:00)
04 Aqualung (6:45)

Also reissued as us tour (79-038) with the same tracks:

Jethro Tull US Tour

Finally, tracks 2 – 4 were also released on the later CBM release Baltimore And Around (3586/3436) paired with three tracks from Tull’s US fall dates.


TMOQ issued a slightly different part of the Norfolk, VA recording:

1. Thick as a Brick (Part 1) (22:30)
2. Wind Up (14:24)
3. Locomotive Breath (inc. The Hard-Headed English General) (9:04)
4. Wind Up (reprise) (2:09)

Total time: 48:07

MATRIX # 1845 A/B

Jethro Tull Ticketron 2

Although, sporting a regular pig label, I am confident that Dub had nothing to do with this title and these were all made by Ken [read more about this in my next entry].

Jethro Tull Ticketron

Combining both versions, which has been done, would lead to:

01 Thick as a Brick (Part 1) (22:30)
02 Cross Eyed Mary (3:36)
03 A New Day Yesterday (11:00)
04 Aqualung (6:45)
05 Wind Up (14:24)
06 Locomotive Breath (9:04)
07 Wind Up (reprise) (2:09)

Total time: 69:24

  1. Terry Burman said:

    My copy of Ticketron appears to be a hybrid of both the CBM and TMOQ versions. It has a red jacket with the same large, high-quality B&W insert as the original CBM version (minus the white border) and loose shrink wrap. While it looks like a CBM/Instant Analysis album, the tracks are the same as on the TMOQ release: “Thick as a Brick, Part 1” (side 1) and “Wind Up” and “Locomotive Breath” (side 2). Side 1 has a pale pink label and side 2 has a pale blue label. On both labels (in what looks like hand lettering), it says “Jethro Tull in Concert” and “Reimondo Records” with the tracks also listed. There’s also a (hand-drawn?) Reimondo Records logo on each side. On the record itself, the matrix “JTA Scope” is on side 1 but not on side 2, and “3436” is scratched out on both sides. The recording is quite good.

    • It took me a long time to get the track list differences right (as they were wrong when shared on a tracker site at first and it got quite confusing). I took them from sites that specialize in Tull and I can only hope that I got it right. I’d love to see a picture of the “Reimondo Records” label

      • Terry Burman said:

        Let me know how to contact you by email and I’ll send jpegs of the labels.

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