3316: the beatles ‘don’t pass me by’

Beatles DPMB 3

Beatles DPMB Beatles DPMB stamp Beatles DPMB track list stamp Beatles DPMB stamp lbl

No doubt, this was one of CBM’s earliest releases, note their listed location in the copyright notice. Year of release: 1972

Beatles DPMB 2

Matrix: Side 1: CBM-2A  – 3316 A ; Side 2: CBM-2B  – 3316 B
            Side 3: CBM2-C1 – 3316 C ; Side 4: CBM2-D1 – 3316 D

Label variations:

A: Plain label in at least white/beige and green colors, as seen above

B: ‘Large letter’ label:

Beatles dpmb lbls AC

C: Classic CBM logo label (this probably exists in different colors as well):

Beatles dpmb labels 2

D: Black on green label (different font) – I apologize for the bad quality, you get the idea:

Beatles DPMB 5

E. Green “small font” label:

Beatles DPMB lbl gr var

The same type of label was used for (presumably) a second pressing of the Dylan title Seventy Dollar Robbery, so my guess is that CBM used these around 1973. Black on orange labels exist as well.


F. Rare, with Comet labels:

Beatles #CBM2-C1 RI-3316C



Pirate copy of the Beatles’ 1965 – 1969 Christmas messages and one Get Back sessions track (“Dig it” stereo remix from 26 Jan. ’69) on disc 1 and the Yellow Matter Custard album on disc two, with the addition of a Tony Sheridan & The Beatles Hamburg 1961 track (“The Saints” and “My Bonnie”) at the start of each side.

Disc 1 was later re-released as “Best Of The Beatles And Jethro Tull” with the Tull song “Nothing Is Easy” added to the start of side one [what a rip off for Tull fans]. I have never been able to locate an image of this album and neither has anyone else it seems.

  1. John said:

    that stamp is very very interesting…

    • These copyright notices were common for the very early Contraband releases. The bootleg equivalent of holy water and a crucifix 🙂

      • John said:


  2. John said:

    don’t understand…..: what is that pingback something?

    • WordPress puts that there when I embed a link and I have never really known what to with these newly generated comments.

      • John said:


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