Beatles ASAYA

UPDATE: I have been informed that this is definitely *not* a Contraband release after all, so my first hunch was correct. The text below does not apply anymore.


Previously, I did not believe this could be a 1972 CBM release – or even a CBM release, period – due to the cover design (for a label mostly associated with cheap looking inserts) but it is another example of their ‘1972 deluxe series’ of black & white laminated covers.

So far we have seen examples of this in Neil Young’s Young Man’s Fancy, another will follow soon with Jethro Tull’s ticketro/n.

The LP is identical with their copy of Yellow Matter Custard and I already discussed the contents of that disc in the post “John Lennon & YELLOW MATTER CUSTARD & another CBM obvious copy job 4”.

  1. demorenis said:

    I have this!

    • demorenis said:

      Generic white label, with SIDE A/B on dead groove … not a classic CBM release for sure! On back cover notes says: “Manufactured By CBM Records- Portland Oregon”. I buy this in 1990 (more or less…)

  2. demorenis said:

    ALSO! My cover reported the mispelled title ” As sweet as Jou are”… 🙂

  3. AlexF said:

    I als have a copy of As Sweet As Jou Are can post pic if needed

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