Neil Young – Los Angeles Music Center, February 1, 1971 ‘YOUNG MAN’S FANCY’ :CBM 3245 / “I’m happy/glad that y’all came down” :RD / ‘AT THE LOS ANGELES MUSIC CENTER’ :TMOQ 71022 / ‘Live On Sugar Mountain’ etc.

“It was the last night of his 1971 solo tour, and Neil Young walked onto the stage at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion unaware that the mic of “Jerry Rigged” would capture the entirety of this sublime solo performance. As a result, bootleg LPs emerged en masse and were scooped up by thousands of hungry fans. The Harvest LP was still one year from release the new songs contained herein were (and still are) amazing, and the only bone Neil and the suits threw us that year was the 4-Way Street LP, as fine and LP as it was. If you were a Neil/CSNY fan in the early 70s, you owned this LP in one of its configurations. There was “I’m Happy Y’All Came Down” on Rubber Dubber with its black gatefold cover ready for rolling, a rare Rubber Dubber version with a rubber stamped cover, the TMOQ version upon which they squeeze the entire show on two sides of colored vinyl, the double Young Man’s Fancy on Zerocks and abridged versions like the Live on Sugar Mountain LP.

Besides the songs and wonderful performance, highlights include the unique snippet of “You and Me” that prefaces “I Am a Child,” and the response to the request for the song “Sea of Madness,” that prompts a Neil anti-bootlegging rap: “Wooden Nickel? Never heard of it. That’s a capitalist ripoff.”

Ramblin’ Jack Elliot opened this show, but no recordings of his set exist.

“Jerry Rigged” says that the original reel to reel master tape is long gone. All that remains are the LPs.”

01. On the Way Home
02. Tell Me Why
03. Old Man
04. Journey Through the Past
05. Cowgirl in the Sand
06. Heart of Gold
07. A Man Needs a Maid
08. Sugar Mountain
09. Don’t Let It Bring You Down
10. Love in Mind
11. The Needle and the Damage Done
12. Ohio
13. See the Sky About to Rain
14. I Am a Child
15. Dance, Dance, Dance


From a former Rubber Dubber “employee”: “That is a legit copy and was the original cover. I believe it was the first one without a plain white cover. I can’t remember how many were printed, but the manufacturing was not done in a semi-truck at first; it was done by “The Record Plant” in Grand Prairie, Texas. The jackets were done in a separate facility. When The Record Plant was busted by Rubber Dubber for selling unauthorized copies (go figure-they were all unauthorized), the LPs were produced by another facility in L.A., and I never bothered to find out where as I did not want to know too much information.”

“I helped record that album, and if my memory serves me well (sometimes it doesn’t at my age) we put out your cover first. The white covers, which were standard operating procedure for all the albums, came first for almost all the albums. [It is believed that the black printed cover actually came first]  We tried to spruce it up with this one and it was the first to use photos. When that got expensive, we switched back to the whites which already had gained in popularity. I lost my whole collection somewhere along the trail over the subsequent years. I was only involved in the operation for about three years, and then I left in 1972 for other pursuits. There were a lot of chemicals and smoke flowing through my veins during those years, and that is the reason my memories can be a little foggy at times. However, I do recall a lot of it. I handled the shotgun mic for that show as well as the Leon Russell/Elton John show with the two of them on back to back grand pianos. I smuggled the microphone in down my right pant leg, walking in like Chester from the Gunsmoke TV show for both shows. Those were the only shows I was involved in the actual recording process even though I was heavily involved in other aspects such as marketing.”

What puzzles me, is that Rubber Dubber earns only a “Gs” in HW, while CBM 3245 earns an “Exm”, as does TMOQ 71022. Certainly the first edition from the master should sound best but perhaps HW reviewed a bad pressing of the Rubber Dubber title.

I’m Happy That Y’All Came Down – 2 LP – (Rubber Dubber Records – b&W printed cover) – complete

Young N happy

Young N Ihtyacd b ss


Finest state of this album you will ever see. Usually, it looks more like this:

Young N happy b Young N happy inner

I’m Glad Y’All Came Down – 2 LP – (Rubber Dubber Records – white cover) – complete

Young N glad $3250 Young N glad 3 Young N glad lbl

White rubber stamped cover# 1, above, can be found listed as having sold for a staggering $3250 on eBay in September of 2010 – however, I have since been informed that this sale never actually went through.  Item # 2, which to me looks pretty much identical, sold for $15 a couple of years later…

I’m Happy That Y’All Came Down – 2 LP – (Smegma Records) – complete
I’m Happy That Y’All Came Down – 2 LP – (blank record label) – complete
In Concerto – 5 songs on an EP – (Gong Records)

Young N In Concerto EP

Neil Young At The Los Angeles Music Center – 1 LP – (Trademark of Quality 71022) – complete

Young N Los Angeles Music Center 2

Young N ATLAMCenter b
Neil Young At The Los Angeles Music Center – 1 LP – (Trademark of Quality – Holland pressing) – complete                                                                                                                                                              Neil Young At The Los Angeles Music Center – 1 LP – (LXXXIV Series # 52, 100 numbered copies on green vinyl) – complete
Neil Young – 1 LP – (Trademark of Quality) – complete

Young N Neil Young

Young N Neil Young
Neil Young – 1 LP – (Great Live Concerts) – complete
Glühend Morgendämmerung 1 – 1 LP – (blank labels) – complete

Young N Glühend Morgendämmerung

Seller wrote: “this is the rarest issue on Zerocks Records of that gig from original tmoq # 71022 press ; vinyl matrix is tmoq 71022; foldout deluxe cover”

Live At The Los Angeles Music Center February 1, 1971 – 1 LP – (blank label) (missing JTTP & CITS)
Live At The Los Angeles Music Center February 1, 1971 – 1 LP – (AER Records) (missing JTTP & CITS)
The Complete Neil Young – 1 LP – (Immaculate Conception Records) – complete
I.C. Records (Stereo)

Young N The Complete Neil Young ImConc 2

Young N The Complete Neil Young ImConc
Live On Sugar Mountain – 1 LP – (Blank Record label) – ( missing CITS, OTWH, TMW, DLIBYD, IAAC)
Live On Sugar Mountain Vol 2 – 1 LP – (Smegma Records) – (missing all of above plus ANAM & HOG)
Live On Sugar Mountain – 1 LP – (Berkeley Records) – (missing CITS, OTWH, TMW, DLIBYD, IAAC)
Live On Sugar Mountain – 1 LP – (Berkeley Records) – (missing CITS, OTWH, TMW, DLIBYD, IAAC) – (lighter colored cover)
Live On Sugar Mountain – 1 LP – (blank labels) – (missing CITS, OTWH, TMW, DLIBYD, IAAC)
Live On Sugar Mountain – 1 LP – (Sugar Mountain Records) – (missing CITS, OTWH, TMW, DLIBYD, IAAC)

Young N Live On Sugar Mountain 2 Young N Live On Sugar Mountain

Young N Live On Sugar M red

Niel Live (sic) – 2 LP – (Dittolino Discs) – complete, with curious (intentional ?) misspelling of his first name.

Young N Niel 2

Live At The Los Angeles Music Center – 2 LP – (blank labels) – complete
Live At The Los Angeles Music Center – 2 LP – (Great Live Concerts)

Young N LatLAMCenter blank lbl

Young Man’s Fancy – 1 LP – (Contraband Records 3245) – (missing DDD & IAAC) – (originally on blue wax)

Young N YMFancy blue

Young N YMFancylabel2 Young N YMFancy label1
Young Man’s Fancy – 1 LP – (CBM) – (missing DDD & IAAC) – (same as previous but subtitled ‘Los Angeles’

Young N YMFancy LA
Young Man’s Fancy – 1 LP – (CBM-labels usually blank) – (missing DDD & IAAC) – (insert is photocopied, logo added)
Young Man’s Fancy – 1 LP – (CBM-labels usually blank) –  (missing DDD & IAAC) – (insert is photocopied, no CBM logo)
Young Man’s Fancy – 1 LP – (CBM) –  (missing DDD & IAAC) – (insert is photocopy, different CBM logo)
Young Man’s Fancy – 1 LP – (CBM-labels usually blank) –  (missing DDD & IAAC) – (insert is red, blue or pink)

Young Neil Young Man's Fancy

Young N youngmansfancy

Young N YMF red

Young Man’s Fancy – 2 LP – (Zerocks Records) – complete
Young Man’s Fancy – 2 LP – (Zerocks) – (different insert) – complete
Young Man’s Fancy – 2 LP – (Blank Record Label) – labels say “Special Disco Mixer” – complete

Young N YMFancy Zerocks 3Young N YMFancy Zerocks lbl

Young N YMFancy Zerocks b

Young N YMFancy Zerocks 4 Young N YMFancy Zerocks 5
Listing taken from Bruno Fisson & Alan Jenkins’  Neil Young Appreciation Society published book

As the list focuses on labels and the image documentation for these is usually more difficult to find, it is much harder to match the images with the descriptions. This must be one the most widely copied bootlegs in 1971/2.

  1. Hey man, I don’t care if you use my photos or info that are posted on Flickr, but it’s not cool to do it without providing a link to where you got the stuff from. The Rubber Dubber employee quote and some LP images (including the one marked Linda Liebling) are from my Flickr entries.

    • I took the quote from the discogs entry – seen that yet?. The standard Flickr setting is to not allow image copying – what is yours set to?

      • The DISCOGS entry is mine, too. They are crossposted on Flickr.

  2. Thank you for totally confusing me, I guess it’s my advanced age. I just want to know what my two album set is worth? I’m selling my stuff on my Etsy store, hoarderhaven, but I haven’t had time to list my vinyl collection yet and I will never have time to put them on eBay. Mine is the rubber dubber 2 album set, Black cover, “I’m happy that you all came down. ” The records look like they have never been played but the jacket definitely shows wear &tear ,the labels are yellow and the vinyl is black , I have a on this since the early 70s and never played it so it is mint. I had a whole bunch of rare Dylan bootlegs but accidentally traded them with someone, except for a couple I put on my store and I’m not sure what those worth either. My record player
    was stolen along time ago along with my 45
    collection, Martin guitar etc. ETC! If anyone
    can clue me in that would be The
    value, thank you, psychedelic relic, Trina
    I prefer you contact me through my Etsy store it also has my phone number on it. My emails are backed up by over 17,000 so I hate them

    • A couple of typos slipped by me on that comment I just left. I am not a techie so I don’t kniw how to fix them now, sorry. One of the typos came out in red letters and had some kind of strange Gmail words around it, it was not an email address and I don’t know how that typo Got there

    • The only way to gauge a record’s potential value is to enter its details into popsike and look at past eBay results.

  3. Pablo A. said:

    I bought this bootleg was when I was kid living in Alhambra, CA. It remember how odd it was that these songs showed up on Harvest. I didn’t like them nearly as much with the studio production. Probably my favorite Neil Young performance after 4-Way Street.

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