Hendrix Rainbow Bridge 2Hendrix Rainbow Bridge RStamp

Hendrix Rainbow Bridge 3

Hendrix Rainbow Bridge

Hendrix Rainbow Bridge red

Year of release: 1972 – the album obviously went through many re-pressings and cover variations.

Actual track list [the cover lists song titles that reflect an absolute non-familiarity with the artist’s work]:

A1 Guitar Improvisation
A2 Red House
A3 Villanova Junction Blues
A4 Straight Ahead
B1 Hear My Baby Callin’
B2 Incident At Rainbow Bridge

This is an audience recording.

Reviewer feedback: “One of the greatest records ever, the sonic quality makes Hendrix sound like he’s time-travelled to the Delta to cast spells with Robert Johnson.”

“The quality is fair to good and will appeal to serious Hendrix collectors.”

This is likely a copy of the following classic Hendrix bootleg that is barely mentioned in Hot Wacks (without track 1, Side 1):

Hendrix Incident ARBridge

Matrix: Side A: UDP. 1310701-1 ST – Side B: UDP. 1310701-2 ST

Hendrix Incident ARBridge 3

First pressing came with two 9×12 concert photos and is commonly found on yellow wax:

Hendrix Incident ARBridge 2

Side 1:

01 Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) (w.spoken intro)
02 Red House
03 Beginning
04 Straight Ahead
Side 2: 

05 Hear My Train A-Comin’
06 Villanova Junction
07 Ezy Rider
Total time: 35:54

Tracks 1, 5: Rainbow Bridge Vibratory Color / Sound Experiment, Haleakala Crater, Maui 30, July 1970 [1st Show]

Tracks 2 – 4, 6, 7: Rainbow Bridge Vibratory Color / Sound Experiment, Haleakala Crater, Maui, 30 July 1970 [2nd Show]

Hendrix Incident Rainbow Bridge lbl

Hendrix Maui

Hendrix and Mitch Mitchell at the Maui concert; the images the bootleg provided were not from the actual show (of course not, one is almost obliged to say).


This album was later copied by other bootleggers:

Hendrix Live In Hawaii

HEN Records 37-WCF [Hot Wacks states that the Shalom version sounds better]

Hendrix Maui, Hawaii

Hendrix Maui

On Dub’s TMoQ

Hendrix Maui, Hawaii

and Ken’s

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  1. Beau Brooks said:

    I have a copy of the UDP 131701-1 ST on Yellow vinyl. It has the original outer sleeve that has the blue stamp “Incident at Rainbow Bridge Maui Hawaii Jimi Hendrix Experience” It also has the two black and white 9×12 concert poster/photos. The interesting thing about this record is that the label with the dragon on Side A is also the label on side B. Side B label should have been a Cherub or something similar, I think. So maybe I have the only copy with two Side A’s and somewhere out there is a copy with two Side B’s.

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