Flat 8239: NILS LOFGRIN [sic] ‘LIVE’

Lofgren N Live

I had written I did not want to include this but in the end the drive to list all titles by a label won. Also, this image just became available.

This is a pirate of the following 1975 promo LP:

Lofgren N Back It Up! AAB

The official bootleg as a promotion tool … and a big tease to the music loving public. It was all about control in the end.

Lofgren N Back It Up! AAB lbl

Lofgren N Back It Up! AAB lbl 2

Recorded at the Record Plant in Sausalito, California, on October 31, 1975, then A&M released 1000 copies to radio stations.

Finally officially released on CD in 2007, except for one song. wolfgangsvault.com has the complete session.

“We were big fans of Nils Lofgren and [A&M] had had enormous success with the Peter Frampton album [Frampton Comes Alive]. Then they put out a ‘live bootleg’ to radio stations only of Nils Lofgren and it was fantastic. Everybody wanted that album, and I waited a year for A&M to release that thing, I even wrote a letter to them saying ‘Put this thing out…!’ ‘cos I think it would have made a difference in Nils Lofgrens career … After a year I took that album and counterfeited it as a bootleg [not this Flat release – that was Ken’s]. I probably sold 2,500, 3,00 copies of that.” [Lou Couhan (of Hofmann Avenue Records) quoted in Heylin, Bootleg, page 120]



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